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Hi Paul,
First off congrats! You definitely deserve the recognition. I’ve followed your writing a lot recently and I just love your style. In fact after buying SSP I had to go ahead and get Base Building and Inception LRB. I have few SSP questions and will try to be brief. About myself: I am 33 and have trained for years but haven’t had considerable success in strength or body composition (a lot of flopping between poor gaining and fat loss phases). Thib has said multiple times that he prefers to build of a leaner physique and so I am attempting to do some recomp prior to trying the muscle gain process again. My ultimate goal of course is to be leaner and stronger and to be able to carry my little girl around as long as she will allow me! I do not want to bastardize the program but was wondering if a few things would be within the spirit of the program.

  1. I enjoy four weight sessions a week. Would two upper and two lower body workouts a week for each phase be acceptable? Conditioning would still be done.
  2. You recently wrote an article for TNation about adding in laterals and pull-ups daily and so I was curious if you would apply that to SSP as well?

Any other tips?

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The first go around for the 8 weeks I would do it AS WRITTEN. Then make adjustments on the next 8 weeks based on what you feel like YOU could implement that would make it better for you.

That’s how I work everything I do. Follow it to the letter for a set period of time, then make subtle changes from there.


Thanks Paul!

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