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Super Soldier Protocol


Lately it’s been all jasmine rice when I do have carbs. And that tends to be my go-to more often than not. I am having blueberries a lot as well.

As for ketones I use the max versions. Higher bio-availability bhb. You can shoot me an email if you want to know more. I honestly don’t know the guidelines for discussing that here. I don’t wanna get slapped on the wrist.

I use Indido before and after training when all the carbs are coming in. So I take them with my first swig of Plasma.


About halfway through, and so far, I love the new split. Bridging it to 4 days/week is a great compromise to my desires to stay active, but keep recovery mindful. It also helps, while still eating clean, to gain mass correctly. I’m up about 1.5 lbs, as I am finishing up week 1 of the second phase. The get in and get your work done approach is awesome too. I’ll probably use this as my go-to when/ if I have that 2nd kid!


This is awesome! And I appreciate that you just made the changes without asking. No, for serious. Because so many people won’t think outside the box and figure out what’s best for themselves. That’s imperative if you want to get better.


Hi Paul!

  1. How could the program be structured for longer term than 8 weeks? Just do phase 1 & 2 and then repeat with adjusted weights?

  2. If yes, would the conditioning part change in the subsequent cycles after the first? I assume the first weeks of Shield are a breaking in period, but after completing the full 8 weeks worth of conditioning that shouldn’t be necessary.

  3. Situation: Eating window 11:30 - 19:30 but training early in the morning (done by 0730). Is not having any PWO food intake for 3 hours counter productive?

Thanks in advance!

  1. You can repeat phase 1 or phase 2 as you like. I repeat phase 1 back to back all the time.

  2. So long as you get your base down from phase 1, you can oscillate back and forth as you like. Mainly, follow the 8 weeks then you should be in decent shape. From there if you like the interval work and weighted vest work stick with that as long as you can recover.

  3. Not as long as you’re having something substantial before and during training. You’ll be fine if so.


Thanks for the answers!

In number 3 I meant the other 7:30 :slight_smile:

To put it in another way - training in the middle of the fast - yay / nay?


Definitely not. If you’re going to train fasted then a meal needs to come immediately after. Preferably some mag-10 or metabolic drive.


@Paul_Carter, I did the shield phase 3 times as written. I’ll do it for the fourth time now, can i add a arm day like in the base building split.