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Super Soldier Protocol


you mean only training twice a week?


Yeah that’s right. It’s the only time I’ve got at the moment


I was thinking on this. So what I would do in you’re using the shield phase is do the following…

Day 1 - Chest/Shoulders/Back

Day 2 - Legs/Biceps/Triceps


Cool, Thanks! So I would be dropping traps? I must say the super soldier protocol has got me really up for training again!


NEVER DROPS TRAPS! Are you crazy? :stuck_out_tongue:


Haha! Dont know what i was thinking, Traps are the new abs!! :wink::+1:


Hey Paul, I’ve been a long time follower of yours. I have been using an at home set-up with a power rack, movable bench, ez-bar, pull-up bar, and a few other accessories. Could I use this program? I am coming off a 5 day cutting/ strength building block to get a better base and not be skinny-fat. Now I am looking to do a cleaner bulk and build upon the strength gains I made.


Totally! I run the Shield Phase at home every week. You’re good, broski.


Thanks! Yeah, I am going to do a little more research (I am finishing off the last 3.5 weeks of my 16 week cut/strength boost block) on where to go next. I definitely want that lean look where I appear as strong as I am. And at 177 at 6’4, I have trimmed down quite a bit of the fat and crappy eating habits


Sir PC, I’m gonna be alllllllllllll over this. Gonna invest in your book tomorrow. Some stupid questions first (ya gotta love stupid questions, right?):

  1. Getting ready to throw-down as a 61-year young transformation nut with BFFM. I wanna use your SSP to blitz this contest. Question: how might I rotated the 3-days per week gym with my 3-days per week rings and paralletes training…or is that too much? I love the strength journey of gymnastics.

  2. I have degenerative spine issues (heck, who doesn’t after years of heavy lifting and jumping). How might that affect me doing the Soldier-up protocol?

You ROCK buddy! Read your article, “30-Day Bro’ Diet” and I got hooked.

  1. I’d just see how it goes at first with both. Start LIGHT the first cycle and make sure your needs for recovery are being met. Just don’t get over zealous in your programming at first.

  2. Just make sure you select movements that don’t exacerbate any existing problems.


Hi Paul,

I got your soldier protocol, and I started 18:6 fasting with your guidelines.

I started the 18:6 in a transition for my contest, and It was not expected, because I usually follow the popular approach.

It turns out 18:6 gives me an astounding results specially using the plazma and Mag10, but I can upgrade it with ketones.

1 - if 18:6 is giving me results, could you keep in pre contest phase? Or this I point I should change.
2 - if I use ketones, could impair the fat lose ratio? Even a precontest?
3 - How can I use them at the same time I introduce cardio both liss or HIIT?
4 - it usually takes me 1-2 meals pwo. It’s enough 1 meal sometimes, but how can I accomplish macro ratios?
5 - I usually take a couple cups of coffee. Do you think it could interfere with plazma pre workout?

60 min pre workout - 1 cup of coffee, 6 MicroPa
15 min pre workout - 6 indigo 1/3 plazma

I ask because I was thinking on break fasting with Mag10 as well

60 min preworkout - Mag10, 6 Micropa
15 min pre workout - 6 indigo 1/3 plazma

And here coffee I’m not sure if it interferes both Mag10 or Plazma

And you recommend fast acting carbs pwo.

What about 1-2 Finibars with Mag10 just after training?

Thanks Paul, and it is very informative learn from your experience and approaches

  1. Anything that works for the weeks/months leading into the contest will work even the whole time. Remember shedding bodyfat is still just the energy in vs energy out factor.

  2. No. In fact in studies we’ve seen that ketones increase fat oxidation during steady state cardio.

  3. See above. Use ketones about half an hour before steady state cardio.

  4. Elaborate…

  5. No, coffee should be used in abundance.

I break my fast about 15 minutes prior to training with Plasma.

1-2 fininbars post training with mag-10 sounds perfect. Then as you need to shed bodyfat just reduce that down to 1 and then half of one.

What ketones are you using?


Hey Paul, I’m finally going to run the SSP for the 2nd time. I was wondering if I wanted to emphasize chest abit more on bench day in the shield phase it would be ok I could replace the shoulder press variation with another chest press variation in the accessory work?


Yes, totally.

  1. Elaborate

I’m very careful with my nutrition plans once I start my preps. I like eating, eating for pleasure and I’m prone to binge.

When I read your 18:6 article you say persons like me have to be very careful with IF. But at the same time, when I’m in a plan where my goal is superior to the gratification, I can stick on it as much time as I need.

What happen to me? Your plan gave me the fastest results (I did 18:6 accidentally because I was traveling and working a lot) to overcome my set point where food is not important but functional, even my wellness has improved astoundingly, so it is my recipe to reach my goals.

I prefer no carbs pwo at all because an small amount makes me crave them a lot. So with one meal pwo, protein and fat (plus veggies) sometimes it’s enough. Hungry under control, cravings under control. Finibar could be an option and I like your idea.

But to accomplish how much protein and fats I need following this plan it’s difficult to me cause it is easier split over 5-6 meals 1-1.5 grams of protein and .25-.3 grams of fat initially and afterwards adjust.

With one meal I have to test how to adjust macros in the later stages and analyze carefully when I need refeed, or increase protein and fats, etc.

For ketones I want to use Pruvit, but I have to get them in Europe.

I really like coffee and in the fasting periods I feel great with it. I was afraid if digestion is a bit slowly or close to
Plazma, the mixture in the gut slow down the absorption and peptides spike, being this spike in blood one powerful factor of plazma and Mag10


Protein with that low carb intake (like myself) should be around 1.5 grams per pound of bodyweight. This should keep your bases covered.

For fats, I do about 30% of my total calories from that macro. My carb intake is pretty low, maybe 100 grams a day at best for the same reasons you describe. It just makes me crave more of them and I notice a downturn in mental acuity when I have too many. So I avoid them in larger amounts for that reason.

I think you’re right on point really. You seem to have it all nailed down fairly well TBH.


At 1.5 grams could I take them in 1-2 meals?

I’m 198 lb, so 300 grams minus 15 from plazma minus 20 from Mag10 = 132 grams per 2 meals or 264 grams in 1 meal


You’re gonna need a third meal in there. I wouldn’t try that in 1-2 meals.



What type of carbs do you add in your nutrition plan? I listened in one podcast (Maybe the one with Ben Pak) carbs pwo in a small degree impaired your body composition. Let me know if I’m wrong. In this case, would you put them pre e intra workout?

I’m not sure if we can talk here, but what Keto/OS product do you recommend me?

And last but not least, in your protocol what is the role of Indigo? I mean, fasting could upgrade his potential and even manage carbs even better? If it is taken during fasting (6-8 hours apart from the training dose) would affect even better to the inflammation and AMPK?