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Super Soldier Protocol

Because the internet is a big place, not everyone gets all the information.

My new book and program, The Super Soldier Protocol just hit, and it’s a total program top to bottom. Training, nutrition, supplementation.

One of the issues I already see popping up with so many guys, is the one of recovery. I based the whole program centered around recovery. Because without recovery, training is really just time spent getting tired.

If you haven’t grabbed it, I promise you won’t be disappointed because it’s going to take the guesswork out of your training, diet, and lifestyle.



Hey Paul. I’m sure you’re tired of hearing it, but you have been a huge inspiration to me over the years and I practically memorize every article you write. So thank you! As for SSP, is it safe to assume it’s geared towards hypertrophy? Or is it more strength/endurance?

Thank you for the words!

That’s the awesome thing about the program.

The first four weeks are a short strength peaking cycle, and the next four weeks are geared more towards hypertrophy.

One could easily run the periodization cycle many times over, and then implement the AVT (which is the method used in the growth cycle) when needed.

It is highly flexible in terms of goal attainment.

Hi Paul,

I’m wondering if the Super Soldier Protocol would be a good fit for me? I’ve got two kids that are 2 and under. At least one of them is up around 6 AM and they’re both in bed by about 8 PM. My wife and I both work full time and the wife has a pretty stressful job so a lot of the housework/cooking etc… falls to me. I’ve been getting up at about 4 AM to exercise around 5:30. I’m usually in bed around 9:30 - 10 PM. I realize 6 hours is not ideal, but to be honest, I’ve felt better getting 6 hours of sleep than I ever did on 8+.

At this point in my life, I really want two things from training. 1) To be lean again. I’ve been chubby for far too long (currently 215ish @ 5’9") and 2) not be out of breath after carrying my two-year-old up the stairs…

As far as diet goes, I am trying to follow the 90% rule you’ve talked about before. I also lift at home with a pretty decent setup.

I was thinking this program might be a good fit for my situation as well:

I appreciate your thoughts and am glad to see you on the site. I always look forward to your Facebook and Instagram posts!


That program is DEF NOT A fit for your lifestyle. With the SSP you’re going to get into the gym, stimulate, get out, and learn how to manage your nutrient timing and eating in accordance with your goals.


Thanks, Paul.

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Hi Paul,

I grabbed a copy of the Super Soldier Protocol and am just curious where you would program Power Cleans and Trap Bar Deadlifts in during the Stars and Stripes phase of training? Or, I suppose, if you even would program them in?

I would really like to incorporate Power Cleans because they’re one of the few exercises I actually like, but also because I like the training effect they have on my traps and forearms. I’m thinking of programming them in as a horizontal pull or maybe for Traps (seems like overkill compared to shrugs, though…).

To a lesser extent, I’d like to work in TB Deadlifts because I prefer them over other forms of deadlifting. I was thinking of swapping them in for the Romanian Deadlifts in the Lower Body Workout 2.

Duing S&S I would throw the trap bar deadlifts in on one of the upperbody days. For power cleans I would put it in the Shield phase actually. I wouldn’t advise doing a highly technical lift using the AVT method at all. So stick to the periodization model in phase 1 with it, then just rotate it back in if you go into the S&S afterwards. Hope that makes sense.

Makes perfect sense, thanks!

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Hi Paul,
I hate asking questions like this but I feel like I need to. I can get to the gym and train hard 3 days a week, getting there more than that is tough. I can get out walk and run in the neighborhood (not sure of your protocol). Does 3 gym-days fit within your protocol or no? Thanks, congrats on your book!

You’re in luck, my friend. Because yes, the Super Soldier Protocol is in fact based around training three times a week. Boom.

Is this program barbell based, about to purchase tomorrow, just want the gist of it, Thanks!

Awesome, thanks Paul. Cant wait to read the book.

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It can be. There’s a lot of flexibility in it for individual “wants” in training. You’ll see.

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Hey Paul, just picked up the ebook. I’m thinking of using the 8 week program as a mini diet of sorts to take a break from constantly putting down food, improve gut health, decrease inflammation etc. I’m someone that really likes being in the gym, so i’m just wondering what your thoughts would be on increasing the training frequency to 4x per week, so 2 lower, 2 upper days? Assuming recovery is in check?

100% you can do that. Just make sure to monitor your performance and overall “feeling” when it comes to recovery.

HI Paul,

Ive just purchased a copy of Super soldier protocol , I was wondering if there is a basic grid format of the program as I find it really difficult to read in the bold text format ?

You mean like in excel?

Paul -
Bought the ebook last night. Looks great and fits my busy lifestyle very well!
I plan on doing cardio in the morning before work (5am) and weights after the kids get to bed (8pm). How should I change the nutrition/supplement protocol for this?

No problem there!

If you train at 8, just keep carbs low to trace amounts all day, then carbs peri workout, and all the carbs for the day post training for the last meal of the day. This should also help with satiation for better sleep as well.