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Super Soldier Protocol, Focusing on Glute and Ab Strength?

Hi coach,

Big fan and have used your programs with great success in the past. I have been unfortunately not training for the past 2 years while finishing my medical residency and am eager to get back into it. I have a nice home gym setup (no cables yet).

I just bought super soldier.

I have one question. My glutes and abs have always held my training back. I have hardly any glute activation and have hurt myself previously due to it. Ab strength is also very low. Would you suggest any additions to the program to really work on these areas?


Generally speaking when a bodypart or muscle is lagging behind significantly it means you’re not training it to full contraction often enough, or at all.

So there needs to be movements where you train it a lot in the shortened position, like glute thrusts with a 3 second hold at the top, and banded RDL’s along with it.

As for abs, the ab wheel was always a favorite of mine and along with a standard crunch done properly, should be plenty.

Thanks coach. How would you program them in?

On the days where it says to do glutes? It’s in the program.