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Super Soldier Nutrition Question

Hey Paul, at the moment (until August) I don’t have access to Biotest products (I’m in Brazil), what can I use as substitute for Plazma in SSP? dextrose + whey, dex + bcaa …?

And,What is the minimum kcal you would recommend for max fat loss in the protocol? I see that some rapid fat loss programans (T Nation Velocity Diet or lyle mcdonald rapid fat loss) use 800-1200kcal.

What do you have access to?

I generally say the floor is bodyweight x 10 for fat loss, however it’s not unusual to below that for periods at a time if you’re REALLY trying to get shredded.

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Not a lot. Whey (80%), maltodextrin, dextrose, bcaa(4:1:1), mct, glutamine and creatine.

I would roll with what you got then. The maltodextrin and whey isn’t the best choice but it’ll do in a pinch.

Hey Paul,
Did you have any cheat meals during you Super Soldier training phase?
The only reason I ask is I’ve been on the 16:8 fasting for a week now and I feel absolutely fantastic and I honestly do not crave anything, other than meals I am on during my 8 hours. Just curious if I’m the only one. Cheers!

I have refeeds when I need them. Right now I’ve gone back into being really strict for a while as I want to get even leaner. I’ve purposely allowed myself to eat more of what I want the last few months as I’ve dieted super strict for about two years. Mentally I got burnt.

I too feel great when fasting, which is why I do it. IF you don’t feel the need for a cheat, don’t have one. If you do, ask yourself why you’re craving what you’re craving. With refeeds I generally just drop the fats for the day and load up on carbs. Let me know how it’s going!

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Will get back after Stars and Stripe phase ( currently in week 2).
But to put you in the picture

  1. 11am Training. 30 mins Pre gym 25grams of carbs (maltodextrin), 20 grams bcca’s, 15 mls MCT Oil and 5g creatine.
  2. Post gym 50 grams Protein (50% WPC,50%WPI), 1 egg, 30 grams maltodextrin
    a banana, table spoon cattage cheese, ice and water. 5g creatine
  3. Then I have 3 meals starting at 2pm evenly spaced out till 8pm. Each meal contains 50 grams protein plus alot of fresh green veg!
  4. Before bed 30gams Protein in water. ZMA and fish oil.
    Hope I’m on the right track, so far like I said feeling great about myself!!!
    Sorry for the novel

This doesn’t look bad at all! I think you’ve dialed it in pretty well!

I finished the first two weeks of the protocol, I have never felt so energetic in my life!!, I’ve already lost 2kgs, undoubtedly the best program of my life.

I’m going back to playing soccer for an hour twice a week, should I change anything in the protocol?

HAHAHA If it’s not broke don’t fix it!

But as far as soccer goes, just remember to eat up after soccer for recovery. So approach that like you do post training nutrition.