Super Soldier for Off Season Powerlifting?

Hey Paul, first off I really appreciate all the free info you put out. I have picked up a couple of your books including SSP recently. My question is, do you think it’d be possible to use SSP as “body building” to build mass and base strength before using a peaking program for a meet. I used your strong 15 to peak when I hit my prs listed below.I’ve posted 380 bench 500 squat and 525 dead all raw at 190 lbs body weight. Not great numbers but good to build on. I’m 34 physical therapist so I started later in life In this and kinda getting to where I prefer training economy and training smarter not harder. Like youve said save the heavy lifts for the meet.

So my question is what changes, if any, would you recommend to SSP for this purpose or would you not recommend it.

Again thanks for what you do and promoting men’s health and getting the info out there not just physical but stress management and other topics like gut health that aren’t talked about nearly enough.

Phase 1: The Shield is def perfect for that because you can still opt for main movements like mid-shin block pulls, safety bar squats, and whatever press you choose. Then use the support movements after for the hypertrophy. Essentially, Phase 1 is exactly meant for what you’re asking. It’s based pretty closely around how I did my offseason training when I was powerlifting. so you’re right on point.

Awesome! Thanks man really appreciate it. I’ve got my plan geared and ready to go! SSP has been a great read also. Great job.

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