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Super Soldier and LRB 365?

I have been running LRB 365 for a few years. I love the variation it offers in training throughout the year. I also love The Super Soldier Protocol. Just needed some advice, where in the LRB 365 program would you put the Super Soldier Protocol? I’m not necessarily referring to a 1 to 1 substitute-the cycles don’t have to fit in a strictly 365 day schedule. Where would be the optimum place to add it in along with LRB 365? Hope this makes sense. Thanks for all you do!

Oh that’s a great question! You could really sub in the Shield Phase or S&S phase at any juncture. If you wanted to focus on strength peaking for a month or two, then run the Shield. If you wanted to do the AVT work then run the S&S for a month or two. That’s a great concept! Thank you!

Hey Paul,
Was interested in trying lrb 365 after the super soldier program, but I can’t seem to find it anywhere on the web

It’s on amazon kindle version right now.