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Super Slow PDFs

Anyone know how to fix the pdf reader-adobe- so it doesn’t take 10 minutes to load a page?

I opted to buy an e book for a class because it was 100 bucks cheaper but now its just too damn slow to read. Any help on speeding it up? I have like 5 chapters to read by Friday and at this pace it’ll never get finished.


Get FoxIt Reader for PDFs. Just put that name in Google to download it. It’s totally free, safe and way better than that Adobe bloated POS. For every crappy, packaged in tool there’s usually a free, better version out there you just have to have a knack for knowing whats good. Other examples are like VLC media player, 7-zip, MyDefrag, etc.

Tell it to lower the resolution at which it displays images. That’s the biggest reason why Foxit is so much faster–because it displays images at a much lower resolution. Let me see if I can figure out how to change that setting again in Adobe’s product…I change it all the time when I’m processing my textbooks that I’ve scanned myself at 300 dpi.

Here it is:

  1. Go to Edit --> Preferences
  2. Click on “Categories – Page Display”
  3. Adjust “Custom resolution”

It also helps somewhat if you uncheck “Use smooth scrolling”, “Smooth images”, “Smooth line art” and change “Smooth Text” to “None”. These make a HUGE difference when I’m working with my scanned books. Usually it takes Adobe a couple seconds to render a scanned page with the normal settings, but when I crank the settings all the way down I’m able to scroll a thousand page book from cover to cover in a couple of seconds…it looks like crap, but goes to show it gets much faster when you crank down the resolution settings.


I use Foxit for reading PDFs and use an old version Adobe 5 for creating PDFs.

[quote]Bujo wrote:
I use Foxit for reading PDFs and use an old version Adobe 5 for creating PDFs. [/quote]

Cool story bro.

Foxit fixed it up, i tried fixing the adobe but found foxit was still better quality.

Thanks a lot for the help, homework done in one night