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Super Six World Boxing Classic - Super Middleweights



Damn...just when I had lost all hope for boxing,they come out with this. This looks promising and I'm actually excited about this. When was the last time a tournament of this kind was held?...serious question.

I fucking love tournaments. Dana White,step your game up...



My man JT gonna pull it off!

Although I really, really like Andre Ward too.


Hopefully we see a rematch with him and Koch........and JT not letting it all slip through his fingers like the first time.


Ward. Is my boy.






Mikkel Kessler would win, if he goes past Ward. Which, I believe, he will do.


Abraham will prevail.
Very tough both in mind and body, strong and technical sound hands.
His only weakness is that he's a slowstarter.

I'm really looking forward to this bout.


Mikkel Kessler is gonna rock this. He might reach some trouble with JT tho.


Boy, in a few hours, you and the everfightinIrish will sure be two disenchanted lads.


Andre Ward is the dark horse here. I really think that he's going to do it. I am pulling for either him or JT... but I don't know that Taylor has the chin anymore, and there's some heavy hitters in this thing.


gonna agree with my fellow New Jerseyan. I really like Ward in this. Glad to see all the promoters get together on this and make it happen.


gonna be fun next weekwith Kessler and Ward. Kesslers a big strong guy and i think we will se these to fight again in the semi finals or finals.


1st round winners:


Wow Dirrell was totally robbed. Froch couldn't even touch him.


what's worse is froch thinks he actually won the fight. i can't wait for to get knocked out.


Damn...that was a pretty good! This was definitely a good idea. Great show...loved the atmosphere and presentation.

Hopefully this will be a model to inspire something different and exciting for boxing.


Agreed. He showed his toughness especially in the first fight against Miranda, going the distance and winning despite a broken jaw suffered in round four.

Good to finally see him fighting guys the caliber of Taylor etc. From the other fighters in the tournament, I'd give Kessler the best chance of stopping him. I'm definitely looking forward to that one.


By the way, would have liked to see Lucian Bute in the tournament.


...and yes,Dirrell being robbed was pathetic....but this was still a great watch. But you can't have this shit happen if want an event of this magnitude to be an overall success.