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Super Sexy Deadlift





Was she puking mid-lift?

Well... I suppose some people find that... sexy....


Somebody should've ran up there with a straw.....

Waste not, want not, I always say.


Rofl, I did not notice that puking thing at all until you guys pointed it out.

"Oh it's a girl deadlifting. Eh, she's ok. I don't see what's so great about this video"


I guess we know whether she spits or swallows. It must not be Cheetah.


I came.


Deadlift + Period do not mix.


locked it out though, well done.


LMAO!!!! She was brimming with intestinal fortitude.


That was my reaction. She's in a meet. I feel bad for the centre ref but the fact that she locked it out despite some impressive distance puking kicks ass.


Reminded me of The Exorcist.



I think the ability to pull and lockout while puking is the mark of a dedicated lifter. Being the center ref has it's occupational hazards.


This thread perfectly sums up the GAL forum on T-Nation.

I laughed out loud at both the video and the posts, well played gentleman.



So did anyone else notice the flags? I mean, after watching the stream of awesome, of course.




Damn, now I know that I'm not working hard enough.


No shit, I mean I've gotten light headed but damn.