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Super Setting and ME Lifts


Do any of you guys/girls use super sets during your ME upper body lifts?
I was thinking of doing something like Floor press with my upper back and lat exercises; mostly to speed up my workouts.


For bench, I tried supersetting reverse band rows with the bands attached at the top of the rack and setting up in the exact position as for the bench. My ME exercise was primarily heavy doubled band benches when I did this. It really helped me use my lats, and gradually (set by set) bring my arch up.

I think its a good idea.


I can see supersetting your assisstance work but whats the point in supersetting ME work?

Doesn't that take away from the whole "maximal" part of it?


I was just wondering if anyone else had tried it. I got the idea from an artical by Jim Wendler on elitefts.
It sounds perfectly resonable to me just as long as you stick to using back and upper back exercises, not tri exercises.


I've tried it, but I've always felt as if it's taken away from the last few sets of each exercise, if you are in a time crunch then I can understand your need, otherwise it'd make more sense just to do the ME lift the tradtional way.


Again in my case, the reverse band rows were not very intense and really just intended to help me set up better.

Keep in mind that for a true max effort, your breathing might return to normal and you might feel fine, but its been shown that you need 3-5 minutes for your nervous system to recover even if you feel fine.

I have seen people try "power cycles" where they set up 4-6 "heavy" exercises and try to work through 5 rotations of each one up to maybe 3 reps, but if I told those guys to try to push one set to the max, they could often get 12+ reps with it.