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Super Power

It is safe to say that when the USSR and the USA shared super power status, the world held favour for the US or at least the lesser of two evils… Now, being the only “super power” standing, and it is logical for feelings to be less than…“warm and fuzzy” by most arab and some “old europe” nations ( france, germany etc)… The question is, can these United States be welcomed with open arms into the good graces of Old Europe WITH OUT the rise of a new Super Power that holds the same political views of the USSR… or will these United States have to continue their move to a controlled socialist state ( as it has been doing since after the cold war… examples of said movement could be seen in the supp. bans , fire arm restrictions and soon bans which is no one is talking about, and the lack of any true difference between the two top political parties.)

Sub question… If we keep moving to socialism… would the American people even care due to the amount of pointless choices we have. (IE. 99 kinds of peanutbutters, 32flavours of icecream, any form of car, truck, one can want.) For some say that the USSR failed because they did not give the people the ability to choose between worthless material things, which do pacify the masses… what say you all?