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Super: Movie Deal for McClellan

[quote]Imagine this scene: �??Quiet on the set!�?? shouts the assistant director as doughy actor Jonah Hill tugs uncomfortably on the Brooks Brothers suit he�??s wearing to portray Scott McClellan. It�??s the first day of shooting on �??What Happened,�?? a big-screen adaptation of the former Bush press secretary�??s best-selling exposé, and Hill is being directed by Judd Apatow, who turned the tell-all into a raunchy White House coming-of-age story co-starring Seth Rogan as Vice President Cheney and Michael Cera as President Bush.

OK, so maybe that�??s not going to happen. But buzz is already beginning to build about a possible docudrama based on the controversial book.

�??We�??ve been talking to TV people, and interest is starting to come, but it�??s too early to say anything,�?? says McClellan�??s literary agent, Craig Wiley, who is also in charge of fielding offers for the book�??s ancillary rights. [/quote]

There’s nothing like shameless backstabbing and opportunism of your former employers and friends to enhance your credibility, right?