Super Mandro Stack?

So I ran across the site pushing the “Super Mandro” and these various andro named supplements.

Back when PHs were legal I really responded well to them… is this stuff similar at all or snake oil?

I saw this got moved to pharma… just curious why it is considered pharma and not a supplement? Makes me think its somewhat legit as far as working? lol

Not at all similar, it is a 2 step conversion DHEA-1 prohormone with a relatively low conversion to the target hormone 1-testosterone. So yeah basically snake oil if you were used to the real 1-AD or 4-AD “andros” back in the day.

It probably got moved because even though it is relatively weak and not biologically active without conversion, it’s still technically a hormonal product so it got moved here


Bummer. I’m gonna give it a shot since I ordered it in a moment of… weakness I guess. I’ll report if I notice anything I guess.

Pharma is the forum to discuss prohormones and AAS. The thread being here definitely doesn’t mean the product is legit.

Did you ever get bloodwork from your doctor to look into TRT?

No not yet. I kept having to go back for this dang cough so wanted to wait until it clears up.

Since I’m really only concerned about athletic performance and don’t show other signs I wonder if he will even test me.

I’d get bloodwork done before starting the Mandro stuff so you have a better idea of your actual levels.

Also, don’t mention anything to the doc about athletic performance. There’s no need to bring it up and he’ll likely just get hesitant or dismissive. You being 35 and wanting a thorough baseline check-up should be reason enough.