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Super Light Training Maxes

curious whats your opinion on using a very low training max like 80% and really abusing the jokers I’ve been doing this for about 5 months now but I always have some nob jocky doubting my plan saying that im not handling enough weight during my main work becuase of my low training max?

Starting “TO LIGHT” is something that is really emphasized in the program, so IMO there’s no problem with that. Also as long as your adding weight and getting stronger then there is no reason to stop.

I would only recommend that for someone with several decades of training experience (20+) or someone coming back from an injury.

Also, if you follow the 5/3 reset, every time you do that your TM will seem “super light”.

ive been using 80-85% of my actual max on bench but im raping and pillaging in the land of prs. bench just feels far more solid reppig out