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October 7 Super Human Radio - IGF-1LR3 - Guest: Anthony Roberts

10-07-2006 :: IGF-1 Long R3 - Get Some Before It’s Banned ::

Guest: Anthony Roberts - Author and Steroid Guru

Many of the benefits of Human Growth Hormone are experienced after its conversion to IGF-1. In the mid 90’s injectable IGF-1 became available, however reviews were critical with many of it’s users abandoning it for lack of desired results.

It became very clear that IGF-1 had a very, very short life in the body once injected due to a binding protein. Enter IGF-1 Long R3 about 3 years ago. This version of IGF-1 has a different amino acid sequence and thus is ignored by the binding protein allowing the IGF-1 to work its magic - increased muscle gains, sense of well being and protection from soft tissue injuries.

Currently IGF-1 LR3 is not a scheduled substance and thus is legal to buy and use. There are so many sources out there it will make your head spin. One warning… it’s not cheap so many are not willing to take the plunge for fear of getting ripped off.

On this episode of Super Human Radio we’ll explore real-word results, benefits of IGF-1LR3 and the how’s and where’s of sourcing your own little piece of peptide heaven.

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This may be a little ballsy on my part and may provoke some anger.

But, Please ask Anthony Roberts if he has any clinical evidence that backs up his claims about PCT.

Many people including I believe his research is spotless, and his conclusions merit discussion.

But some of his Ideas, including PCT are viewed with a lot of skeptism because of a lack of clinical evidence and ancedotal experience that they actually work!!!

I know he reads this forum so he may actually answer right here… I’m not an a##hole, I have an open mind to his answers about my questions!


:: 10/07/2006 IGF-1 Long R3 - Get Some Before it’s Banned ::

Guest: Anthony Roberts - Author & Steroid Guru

Author and steroid guru Anthony Roberts answers very candid questions about IGF-1LR3. While the anti-aging community comes under scrutiny for their use of Human Growth Hormone, this anabolic agent seems to have fallen under the radar of many governing agencies. IGF-1LR3 effectively imparts the same benefits as Human Growth Hormone on its users without the need for a visit to the doctor to obtain a prescription.

We learned that the gains from IGF-1LR3 come on much faster than those of Human Growth Hormone. Roberts also suggest that with his personal use, a three week on cycle seems to produce the best results. Roberts discusses it’s effectiveness as well as real world results, dosing schemes, cycles, prevailing costs, broad benefits and potential side effects.

There are numerous sources on the Internet and it is legal to buy and very difficult to test for. This makes Lanore wonder how many professional athletes may have turned to IGF-1LR3 in light of the tighter control on anabolic steroid use.

Towards the end of the show Host Carl Lanore announces that listeners can download sample chapters of Roberts’ new book “Beyond Steroids”. One of the sample chapters addresses Growth Factors including IGF-1.

This interview covers the basics for beginners as well as advanced subjects related to IGF-1LR3 use and benefits.


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