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Super High Test Levels at 100mg/Week


Diagnosed with secondary hypogonadism.
Started at 100mg enanthate E7D. After 5 weeks my results are as follow:

Test - 22.40 ng/ml (2.2-9.8 range)
E2 - 54.75 pg/ml (8-36 range)

So my testosterone levels are over twice as normal range only at 100mg weekly.
Considering 100-150mg will put most people in their normal range, how come my results are so high?
Also I don’t feel any different than I was a month ago at very low T. I know Estradiol is also elevated, but my mood, libido and everything else is exactly as it was.

What advice would you give me? My next doctor appointment is scheduled in 2 months sadly.
I was considering lowering the dose to 50mg/week and see how it goes. Also no AI or SERMs at that stage.
E2 should lower along with testosterone on it’s own.


Is there a reason you are on testosterone instead of SERM? With secondary hypogonadism that would seem the wiser prodigal


Yes, although my doctor agreed that continuous use of clomiphene will result in more side effects than testosterone. Besides my test level before was really low 1.4-3.0 ng/ml and SERMs wouldn’t bring it higher than 5, so I’ve decided TRT.


Often you do not need to be on it continuously. Once jump started you bodily goes back to normal production. And your doctor could not possibly know how far a SERM will raise you testosterone levels. Clomiphene is not the best choice, there are others


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As to your question your prodocal should look more like this to start out with

Test cypionate or ethanate injected per week with two or more injections per week.
250iu hCG SC EOD [every other day]
1.0mg Arimidex/anastrozole per week in divided doses.

Your E2 is so high that you will not feel good. You might even grow a set a breasts. That is a bad side efect of your test being too high and you not taking Arimidex which is an E2 inhibitor

In your case you do not need 100mg test. Cut it a third and see what happens. It takes 10 day for E2 to clear out so be patient


Thank you. I will reconsider and reopen the discussion with my physician about SERMs.
About the current issue, do you have any clue why my testosterone is so high at this dose?


No I do not know the reason. Some guys just need less than the average and some guys need a lot more. You are lucky, the less you need the better.


So after 4 days (day before next injection) I took the labs:

Test - 5.86 ng/ml (2.2-9.8 range)
E2 - 45.26 pg/ml (8-36 range)

As you can see my testosterone levels dropped hugely.
What dosage and frequency you guys think I should be doing?

P.S I also did SHBG and free test, but my blood was sent to another lab and results will come after 2-3 weeks


Verne already suggested dose changes.

With weekly injections, T levels change a lot, so your lab results are more about lab timing than anything else.

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