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Super High HR After Taking Testosterone

Hi There,

I started 3 weeks ago with a small cycle with test and GH. 150ml of test cypionate and 20 UI GH a week.

I feel much better more energy, better libido, less tired during the day and feel my brain even works better!

The only issue I have is I feel hot all the time and have higher resting HR and my cardio got much worse!

I can feel it during my grappling sessions that I am working much harder. I always ware a HR monitor during my training and I can definitely see I have a much higher HR then before. My RHR went up from 45 to 55-58!!

Any advice and tips appreciated how I can keep good T levels but keep my RHR and my HR during training on a lower levels?

Is this your first cycle?

What is your cycle, exactly.

Height, weight, and body fat might help.


My weight 77kg
Hight: 172cm
BF% 13%

Training BJJ 4x a week, weighs 3x a week. Conditioning 2x week.

I am injecting T- cypionate 75mg every 3 days and GH 6x a week 0.3 UI a day. And 1 pill of timoxafen 20mg which is for the water retention I believe.

My main goal was to improve recovery after training which is working. But feel worse during the BJJ sessions. My HR goes up till 197!! I never took test before. I have the symptoms from the day I started.

That dose of testosterone is a trt dose your accomplishing nothing unless you have horrible natural levels.

This means absolutely nothing as far as what dose your taking.

Nolvadex (tamoxifen) dose nothing for water retention.

Who told you to take all this stuff? You haven’t even done your own research so obviously your blindly following someone’s advice sense you don’t even know what your taking the tamoxifen for.

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Hey, yes I did my blood test and my T was down to 5.53nmol/L.

I feel good after this small amount of T planing to increase the GH to 0.5UI a day.

Can we go back to my original question about the elevated HR and RHR? Does the body need more time to adapt? Any suggestions?

Why would you increase the HGH while experiencing elevated HR issues? You ignored everything Zeek said, including what dose or HGH you are taking. You should really have done your own research before starting this journey. You are taking Nolvadex daily for a reason you are unsure of, and that is wrong.

As mentioned, this is not actually a cycle, it’s a foolish waste of time and money. Less than 400 mg a week of Test isn’t a cycle, and that number is stretching it. Stop the GH. Just stop it. Never ever ever ever take two brand new to your system things at the same time (I’m ignoring the tamoxifen right now, cause seriously, what are you thinking there?). And post a range with any blood work. A number without a range is likw kissing your sister, pointless.

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