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Super High E2 After 10 Week Cycle, 3 Week PCT

Hi everyone, thanks in advance for any info you guys can send my way. Around December I started a short run of Test Enth. 125 2x week. I was also taking Hcg. Ran this for 10 weeks and decided to come off. Ran Novledex for 3 weeks after. Sex drive did not faulter to much and pretty soon I was feeling ok. Then I started to feel pretty crappy around February.

I started to have lots of anxiety depression panic attack (never had any of these before tbh). Told My PCP doc about the test and he didn’t seem to concerned. Ask him to test my levels of test and estrogen but he only chose to look at my test levels 635. He said it looked good and I’m fine. I took his word and moved on.

In April I was still having all the emotional problems, low libido, no morning erectios, not to mention night sweats bad dream, shortness of breath, muscle weakness. He said it’s all in my head and prescribed me some antidepressants which I didn’t take. I did get him to test my estrogen finally and it came back super high 321 pg/ml, I have an appointment with him this Thursday but he never even called me when that result came to him.

I know it’s really high and it’s worrying me how I’m going to bring it down. I’ve only read a couple of people going up this high and one was a body builder who was on a lot more test . I know I was ignorant in doing a cycle without a doctors care, but I never thought I’d have this kind of issue as I researched as much as I could and have done one other cycle previously ( over a year prior to this last one).

Well I guess I made my bed with all this, and I have to figure it all out. I would truly appreciate any help you guys can give me. I’m in New Jersey and have no idea what doctor to see. If someone knows a good doc for this kind of thing please let me know. Any other info is much appreciated as well.

My numbers
Test 602 range 300-1080
E2 by TMS 321 pg/ml range 10-42
Estrone by TMS 321 range 9-36
Free test 97. Range 44-244
Shbg 46. Range 11-80
Pct free t 1.6. Range 1.6 - 2.9
Cortisol 12.5. Range 8.7-22.4
THS .899 range 0.3 -4.0
LH 3.1 range 1.5-9.3
FSH 4.2 range 1.4-18.1

I just started my TRT journey myself so I don’t have too much info other then you should probably contact Defy Medical. They’ll be able to dial you in and they aren’t too expensive. They’ll run more labs and get you what you need to bring that E2 down. I’m not using them myself currently, but they’re my first choice the second things don’t work out with my current doctor. I hear nothing but stellar things about them… But yeah, those numbers appear horrible.

Right. That E2 is stupid. You will most likely get prescribed anastrozole. You should figure out why it’s that high, which should involve a Google search for causes of high estrogen un men. As an aside, 250 mg a week isn’t a cycle, it’s pointless screwing around if your test is low and big risk for little to no reward. Any actual research would have told you that 250 mg is pointless.

Wow, estrogen is stupid high, takes estrogen dominance to a whole other level! It’s like you’re converting most of your Free T -> estrogen. I second contacting Defy Medical, it doesn’t sound like your current doctors has enough knowledgeable or backbone to prescribe what’s needed.

He is more than likely nervous about prescribing an aromatase inhibitor for which he has little experience prescribing, probably doesn’t even know he can get it in .125 mg from compounding pharmacies rather than the standard 1mg tablets which is often too much for men.

It’s obvious your doctor doesn’t specializes in this area of medicine, if he did it wouldn’t be such a big deal prescribing an aromatase inhibitor.

Thanks systemlord. Had an endocrinologist look at my blood work and he didn’t have much to say about the estradiol level ( which shocked me since it’s so damn high). He sent me for a retest to be sure the numbers are correct. I will contact defy as well if you think they can help. Do they specialize in things like this ? Or do they just do t replacement? My test is in the 600 range already.