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Super High ALT and AST, Concerned

Hi I have super high alt levels.my alt is 396 and my ast is 336 I am in dbol and test e.i was taking all my dbol at once at 50-75 mg preworkout.if I drop the dbol should I be fine the doctor at the hospital is getting me to see a specialist.i smoke as well could that be the culprit?looking for some feedback.i read weightlifting also raises ast and alt levels.i don’t know by how much.i read that I have moderate elevation if levels and not severe.i did a lot of crystal meth 5 months ago so that could be a cause as well.alltho I had a alt if 156 two weeks ago now it’s 396

Units and lab ranges. I would be concerned if you are double the top of the range or more. That’s just me though.

The range is 7-56 per liter for alt and 10-40 for ast

Man get your shit together. Taking meth, smoking, doing AAS? If you want to die in the next 5 years, then go on.

When was your blood test? Right after the workout with the dbol taken before?
I quote verywellhealth here (good enough for now):

An AST/ALT ratio equal to one (where the ALT is equal to the AST) is suggestive of acute viral hepatitis or drug-related liver toxicity.

This means you shouldn’t worry too much since the dbol is expected to cause drug related liver toxicity in some. Drop it.

Edit: In case it wasn’t clear, “not worry too much” means you know where the liver damage comes from, it doesn’t mean go on. You should stop the dbol right now.

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I’m 5 months clean off meth.i did the blood test in the morning before any dbol

I would drop it with your numbers.

All jokes aside, did you use kratom to help break you addiction?

Drop. The. Orals.

No I did not just used it a few times.kratom is more for beating opiate addiction.my thing was meth.i will drop the orals.eish I could take something oral that is not as liver toxic like anavar but I will stay away from that to.so you think test e on its own won’t be to bad ?my next cycle I was thinking of taking growth hormone.is that liver toxic?

With your labs, I would probably stay away from orals TBH. You are over the top range by like 6x.

If you were/are addicted to opiates, wouldn’t you’re vice theoretically be meth AND opiates?

No judgement, everyone has past demons. That being said I wouldn’t recommend cycling after just getting clean.

I wouldn’t smoke tobacco on cycle, esp on orals. It’s the perfect pro-atherogenic combination (alongside all the other issues cigarettes can cause down the line). Is nicotine replacement an option, it’s safer than smoking cigarettes (though not risk free).

No I was never addicted to opiates .what’s pro-atherogenic mean?just took kratom for its effects.kratom in low doses is good for working out to

Accelerates the process of plaque buildup (i.e atherosclerosis). Predisposes you to myocardial infarction, ischemic stroke etc.

A mere one cigarette per day if I recall correctly triples the risk of heart disease. Doesn’t matter if it’s one or twenty, there’s very little leeway when it comes to smoking tobacco and heart disease.

Yeah I know I should quit smoking it has been my worst demon.meth is more dangerous short term.but j only used for so long.i use tobacco every day for the last 9 years straight almost except for quitting a few times longest I quit was for 56 days.

Its about cumulative risk factors. Some people get away with smoking, some don’t. Using AAS and smoking exacerbates risks induced by each agent (a synergistic, deleterious increase in long term risk).

I’m not dependant on nicotine, I can’t imagine how difficult it must be to quit nicotine. I can’t just tell you to “quit” (although I’d recommend it)… It’s easier said than done.

Props for coming clean off methamphetamine, but remember… Anabolic steroids can be vices too, make sure you’re not merely switching out one vice for another.

When we get addicted to substances and/or develop unhealthy relationships with substances/activities there’s typically a bigger, underlying issue that needs to be addressed. Esp if there’s a recurring pattern.

Edit: “getting away” with smoking is subjective. Anyone who smokes for decades on end won’t live as long in comparison to had they not smoked.

As a statistical average, smoking cuts 10-15 years off the average lifespan, not accounting for burden of disease induced whilst still alive (emphysema, cancer, heart disease, macular degeneration etc).

So my ast is 115 I was wrong that it was 336.so I’m happy about that.my alt is still very high tho.i got a blood test done for my liver today.i also got a cortisol test and a ECG done considering I smoke.i get the results in two to five days for everything.i have been taking anavar like a dumbass.sincd it’s less liver toxic than dbol.when I cycle again I’m going to take tudca as I have seen such good reviews on it.Im sorry I didn’t stop the orals guys I just thought since anavar is less liver toxic than dbol I could get away with it.also considering I was taking like 50-100 mg dbol in one dose prewoorkout.so I thought that could be a major contributor.i have also cut back on smoking quite a bit I have been vaping which I know is not perfect at least I only smoke like 6-8 cigarettes a day now compared to two packs a day.im also going to stop taking the anavar if my liver tests come back with higher elevations of alt and ast.the rest of my liver panel is excellent.my buddy takes anavar,winstrol and test e and his alt is only 77

Why are you getting an ECG due to smoking? Smoking causes coronary artery disease (a few mechanisms, oxidative stress/ROS production being one of the prime culprits), so theoretically if you had a fatty deposit large enough to interfere with myocardial blood flow, an ECG could detect that.

Otherwise an ECG is good for looking at cardiac parameters of which would be altered more by AAS use as opposed to cigarettes. I suppose darts can cause arterial stiffness and BP elevations which are both associated with LVH (hypertension = direct relationship, same with AAS use)

I’d be concerned with trashed lipids associated with c17-AA AAS + smoking, the cumulative atherogenic potential isn’t in your favour.

My lipids are good.i am working hard to quit smoking

So my alt is down to 180 U/L and my ast is down to 80 U/L.im happy about that.just goes to show you that anavar is way less liver toxic than dbol

Pretty sure Anavar is primarily processed through the kidneys so it would make sense that it wouldn’t be as harsh on the liver as some other orals.