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Super Glue Removal?

So I spilled super glue all over two of my fingers today, short of sanding it off with sand paper I can’t seem to get it off, any ideas?

Unless your fingers are glued together or there’s a thick layer coating your hands you should be alright if you just leave it, it will come off on its own after a few days. Maybe to help speed it up just wash/soak in some warm soapy water and try a pumice stone or something? I would think that it should work.

Find this in nail polish remover.

ditto. or you could try nail polish remover but i would just leave leave it to work itself out and not risk ripping the skin. my roomate was a runner and used to superglue his blisters from time to time.

[quote]UB07 wrote:
Find this in nail polish remover.[/quote]

Seconded (or thirded, whatever).


Alright I’ll try some acetone tonight.