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Super Fat Kids!


Check out this link!!! New obese range of school uniforms for PRE SCHOOLERS wtf? Looks like the UK's obesity rate is catching up to the US'


LMAO, you’re a foreiner. I bet you smell awful.


I read a few months ago, sure the USA is the poster boy for obesity but many other countries are not showing increased rates, and getting just as fat as US!


The average kid I see is overweight lately. Hell, Chunk from Goonies would get recast as one of the normal kids if that movie was shot today. Half the audience would get up and walk out in disgust at that little dance they made him do.


Was just in Denmark (Copenhagen) all of last week.

There aren’t any obese people in Copenhagen. That stands out IMMEDIATELY when you’re there. They walk/bike everywhere around that city and it shows. It’s like the land of beautiful people (all the women are blond hair, blue eyed sizes 1-8). They’re always drinking goddam Coca-Cola and eating pastries, too. I stuck out like a sore thumb (They’re “fit” or “not fat”, but I didn’t see one man the whole time that looked like he ever lifted a weight before).

Conversely back home, the gym I went to today is behind a strip-mall. I lost count of how many OBESE slobs were waddling around. I don’t mean just having some gut or a few 10-20 pounds overweight, I’m talking ROUND with small satellites orbiting around the center of mass.