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Super Deer!!!!!

Apparently the deer wandered onto a bridge and freaked out when a car came and hoofed it over the side. Another theory is that the deer was gay and from its head position in the pic was doing nothing more than going after some hot man meat. You decide

Uppin’ the ante…

I got another theory for ya. The deer is a fuckin oly diver, who late one evening smoked some bad crack after her man, that worthless piece of shit hunter, elmer fudd was seen in the area fuckin around with a moose. the poor bitch went out of her mind and pulled a swan off a bridge.

I was once attacked by a gay deer as well. Luckily, I was able to swerve and slow just enough to keep it from diving through my windshield towards my package. This is what the front of the car looked like after the horrifying experience.

“Hey…Hey…Bearfucker!” - Super Troopers

Goober Gobbler

I bet he would still make a fine meal…

Another theory: The deer was in a deep depression. He had an inferiority complex because of the size of his antlers. He was drinking heavily that night and decided to end it all by taking the big of the bridge.

(Air)Born Free! As free as the wind blows…