Super Deca/Test 400MG per/ML?

Okay I’m working out with this friend and he wanted to hop on a cycle, I recommended him a good reputable lab that is known in the professional community here in my country and well respected, it is clean and potent, and even has lab results for every product etc.

But my friend is kind of stubborn and insists on buying from his old bro source where he used to get gear from, so now he has ordered “Super Deca” and “Super Test” which are vials supposidly 400MG Deca per ML, and 400 Test per ML, also for much cheaper than 2 actual bottles of test and deca… a bottle of deca or test usually cost around 40-50 euros here, but he got those for 60 euros each.

Is that concentration even possible without issues? Also price seems fishy. Im a bit concerned about him, hes largely going by bro info on everything not doing actual research before doing things.

To cram that much steroid into 1ml, means the maker has to add extra solvents. Many people don’t react well to them, and get extreme post injection pain. They aren’t usually good choices for a beginner.
Deca is also not a good drug for a beginner. High chance of getting deca dick.

If he reacts okay and doesn’t get any issues then great, but its a high risk proposition.

I used a 400mg/mL ‘super’ test back in the day. It hurt like hell and usually swelled up for a couple days

Goodness gracious

Could be marketing bs or could be 400mg. I got serious pip from 300mg so wouldn’t catch me using 400, let us know how he gets on with it…