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super cutting?

Hey guys. I?ve been on T-Dawg 2.0 for about 2 months now. I lost about 30 lbs, and dropped my bf% considerably. My last scale reading (Monday) was 169, and I am guessing I?m at about 10% bf. I have been very happy with my results.

Currently, I am taking in about 1600 calories a day (60% protein, 20% carbs, 20% fats). Each night, one of my meals is a 2 scoop Grow! Shake. I am lifting every night and do 35 minutes of cardio after each workout. I was wondering, is there a way to super cut within the next few days? I have something big coming up this weekend that I want to look my best for. I know people who went into a cutting period 1 week prior to a date or something, but I was wondering if something could be done within a shorter time-frame. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Bottoms,read this: