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Super Cup of the Titans 2011

Anyone knows any live stream to watch this? couldnt find any. It’s in 3 days.

damn you beat me to it. any predictions?

“Organizing Committee of the “SUPER-CUP TITANS - 2011”
reports that due to taking place and secure technical issues to ensure
high-speed Internet access at the Military Institute of Physical Culture,
a live webcast event on May 22 will not be done.” -PLWatch

: (

oh well, i won’t have internet access this weekend anyways.
thoughts on placings? can’t wait to see what belyaev totals.

definetely malanichev first, with a 485kg squat, and 410kg deadlift.

i’m going to say malanichev first also, but i’ll say his deadlift will be~420