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Super Congress


At least the name they give it sounds like it might be good for us.

Do you think they will do a better job of protecting the constitution than "regular" congress?

I am skeptical.


this concept scares me,

they write the bills, then the whole congress votes, if congress rejects it they can veto that and pass it anyway.

sounds a little unconstitutional to me.


This is that "government efficiency" they are always talking about.


"Sounds" ? " A little" ?


Too much power for such a small group.


Has oligarchy officially come to the US?



"Members of the Senate and members of the House have the opportunity under the Constitution to debate items that are sent to them and to modify items that are sent to them. To force them to vote just yes or know with no debate, not to follow the rules of the House, which permits amendments, not to follow the rules of the Senate, which permits a filibuster, is such a substantial removal of the authority the Constitution gave them that this legislation is treading in waters that might not be constitutional."


However, Napolitano raised another ? and unassailable ? objection to the legislation. Napolitano noted: "This is this Congress binding itself and all future Congresses to a simple up-or-down vote." In that sense, the new "Super Congress" joint committee is truly revolutionary, and unquestionably unconstitutional. Under the Constitution, no Congress can bind a subsequent Congress with rules of procedure, which is why one of the first acts of every new Congress after an election is for the House and Senate to separately approve new rules. One of the new rules the post-Tea Party Republican House adopted in January (and broken with adoption of the debt deal) included a rule pledging to post the full text of bills on-line at least 72 hours before a floor vote.


For more, read this: http://tnation.T-Nation.com/free_online_forum/world_news_war/super_congress


The sides are beginning to be picked for the super congress (I wonder if you can buy their logo shirts somewhere). From what I have read the sides are being stacked with individuals that support their sides agenda, no surprise there. But it gets more interesting when you consider what the S&P says must be done to improve the U.S.'s credit rating. It involves two politically near impossible steps. Reduce entitlement spending, with focus on Medicare/medicaid and Social security WHILE raising taxes/revenue.

So, anyone expect that to happen? Do you think the Super Congress to accomplish anything meaningful?


No to both questions.


It will have tons of meaning but what that meaning will be remains to be seen.

Wait for it.