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Super-Compensation and Nutrition

Hey everyone, im a National level Olympic Weightlifter and I have been training super hard for several weeks now, and have been doing 2-a-days every second day for the last 2 weeks, equaling about 10 training sessions every 7 days.

Im pretty damn tired to say the least, but I will be taking a full 7 days off from lifting heavy weights. I will be going on a short trip and will be doing LOTS of relaxing and stretching and maybe a pool workout or 2 and possibly a single technique session with light weight while I am gone.

As far as Nutrition is concerned, im thinking about dropping ALL of my supplements except for my Omega 3s and possibly BCAAs.

for super-compensation, is this a good idea, or should i still be taking all my regular protein shakes and everything to make sure recovery is the best possible?

Thanks alot.


You’ve got to keep protein levels high, that’s the first macro-nutrient that effects muscle/strength if lowered to in-adequate levels, especially if no lifting is done.

It’s practically mandatory to over-feed in this lay-off period, you’ll get very little “side effects” because the body will use it for anabolism (to bounce back from “training to the limit”).

If you don’t over-feed and keep protein levels high, you’ll be wasting really good potential gains and super-compensation won’t happen.

Did you ask your coach or fellow lifters? I’d take a guess that you should carry on to cover the bases but the rest you need might also be mental, a rest from all the discipline etc, so it might be nice to chill out completely but keep it sensible at meal times and get good quality protein and lots of quality sleep.

For supercompensation I would recommend some sort of protein powder at least before bed every night during this trip if you can manage it just to keep your body fed through the night as its repairing. Other then that, just eat anything and everything and I’m sure your daily protein requirements will be met.

thanks for the super quick responses everyone! I think I will make sure to take 2 servings on BCAAs per day (first thing in the morning and once more between meals) as well as keep 1 serving of Casien before bed and possibly 1 extra serving of Whey with one of my smaller meals.

Ill probably try and stay away from carbs as much as I can, at least the processed ones and ill cut out the carbohydrate powder and just replace those calories with a bit of extra omega 3.

Thanks again.