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Super Careful w/ Gel - Still Possible to Get on Wife?

Hi All,

Just met with my doc to discuss the results I was feeling by using a T Gel product.

He told me regardless of how careful I am, there is still about a 99% chance it will somehow get on my wife. Is this true?

Here’s how I do it:

Wake up at 5AM - shower
Put Gel on shoulders using index fingers
Wash hands, go shirtless
1 Hour later, put on a layer of lotion - still shirtless - wash hands
1 Hour later, put on another layer of lotion - once dry, put on shirt

I wash my hands with warm water each time for at least 10-15 seconds.

I don’t touch my shoulders at all nor does my wife/kid get close to it.

Is there still a “99%” chance of this stuff getting on them somehow?! It’s fully dried and gone within the first hour and especially with the lotion going over it.

I doubt it. It should be absorbed with in 2-3 hours so in that time I would be careful but other than that, if there was it would be very little. I personally wouldn’t apply lotion within that 2-3 hours though as most gels and creams you are not supposed to get wet in that time frame as you risk washing some of it away. You should be able to put clothing on in about 10 minutes though, at least most cream and gels you can. You just have to let it dry completely then you are good to go.

I have heard of this happening before, wife starts getting coarse facial hair, masculine features and increased sex drive as a result of T-gel absorbing during intercourse. You’re effectively having two people benefiting from TRT at the same time. I’ve heard of this happening to elderly patient, hard to imagine.

Even very young children getting erections. T gels are more popular with the doctors a less popular with the patients, T gels are more lucrative for doctors.

My first quack endo pushed T gels hard and refused to give me injections until the T gels failed to show favorable results. Called my insurance to see about coverage, they prefer injectables to do costs and some insurance companies refuse T gels coverage outright.

Well I rub it on my nuts and my wife isn’t growing facial hair and getting a big clit so I’m good lol. Do wish would increase her sex drive though that would be nice.

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Applying the lotion allows your skin to absorb like an additional 10%

You do everything possible to get every drop of T gel on you and people really think a tiny bit rubbing off will turn a girl into a boy? I just don’t know what to say. That is so F-ing stupid and these same people will post again in a different thread that no one adsorbs creams.
Look here this is a prescription send your wife thru the fucking roof climax cream that is rubbed into the lips and clit. Click on the picture to get a bigger image and notice the ingredients.
This cream has 1 mg/ml of testosterone in it.

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Cannot like this post enough! What you said is so true!

I got to ask though how well does the scream cream work, if it works well l need to get my wife on it somehow.

What some of us have failed to comprehend is women have no trouble absorbing gels, men typically do.

Yet another explosive rant from someone in need of some counseling and estrogen testing.

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Yah it happens. Gets on clothes and transfers. Maybe during sleeping it is rubbed via blanket or towels who knows. Probably not much but it can.

I’d just take injections or apply cream to the balls.


My wife is a Defy patient she gets it from them. Yes it works very well.

I heard of the stuff from a guy at the gym and I know that they have it in one of our local compounding pharmacy. Need to convince the wife to try it out

Yes mine comes from Empower in Texas.