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Super Bowl XLII


Eli Manning is a fucking trooper. Geez. What a 4th quarter.


Hell yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fuck the Cheatriots!


Damn....Eli Manning is all grown up now....maybe Tiki will take credit for that..lol. Congratulations NY Giants....job well done. Man...I know a Superbowl loss is hard...but damn are the Patriots a bunch of dicks.


...Super Bowl MVP


I didn't think he had it in him. Congrats to the Giants. Great win!


And Bill Belichick is a classless piece of donkey shit for leaving the field early like a little biatch.

I hope someone shits in his skillet tonight.


I'm a jets fan but, I'm happy the Giantgs beat the fucking patriots.


wow that was amazing hahah, eli with one of the greatest 4th quarter drives I have ever seen.


Belicheck didn't leave early. There was 1 sec left and both coaches were headed to the field cuz they thought it was over. They met at the 50 yard line and exchanged words. Shortly after, the field was cleared so the last second could be cleared.

It was great though. The 10 seconds after the Plaxico TD catch were the best 10 seconds I've had in months. Next year: Manning vs Manning.


AMEN! i said almost the exact same thing when i saw that well minus the skillet part lol good addition


Tom Brady lived up to the homo threads


i really can't fucking believe what he just did.


Who thinks the entire NFL is fixed???

Call me a retard, but seriously....how could this happen???


OK,I'll call you a retard. If that's the case...how many of the Patriots games were fixed?!?! I'm sure you were just joking anyways...RIGHT??


Manning and the Giants were amazing. And I'm no giants fan. Bill was a classless piece of shit. No doubt. He'll get his. Can you say one year suspension?


Giants' DL totally dominated NE's OL. No room to run, no time to throw.

That was 95% of the win right there.

NY's drive at the end was epic, but let's not get carried away. NY scored all of 17 pts.

The D won that game, and the D dominated because of the DL.




That was fucking unbeleivable. That scramble by Eli and the catch by Tyree was out of this fucking world.



The Giants are the most stubborn football team I've ever seen. Hell the most stubborn team ever. I'm a Pats fan through and through but I don't feel sad seeing them lose tonight. They made stupid mistakes (like trying three left sweeps in the 2nd quarter and going for it 4th and 13 in the 3rd) and were bad sports (particularly in the end). Eli was amazing tonight. This season is all his and no more monkeys or shadows on his back. The Pats will have to wait until September to try to go 18-0 again.


Thats was the best Superbowl I've ever seen in my 20 years. Eli was outstandin. Giants D didn't let up.
And so much for Randy Moss pre-game "I wouldn't be against someday callin' myself the greatest receiver to ever lace-up the cleats."


Fuck!!! I bet them damn old ass dolphins are happy as hell to still be the only team in history undefeated. Shit!!