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Super Bowl Picks?


I say Pittsburgh.

Besides, if I had to do it again, Pittsburgh is a tough blue collar
town...I'd root for them.



I'm taking Pittsburgh. The Seachickens are overrated.


Pittsburg. I can't root for Seattle cause its, well, Seattle.


The Pittsburgh D is going to make Hasselbeck and Alexander their beotches.


My pick is that a beer commercial will be the first one after the kickoff, as for the game I don't really care who wins, my team sucked this year (and likely will for many to come) so I stopped paying attention to the league at about week 5.


I think that the Seahawks match up well. I think the Seahwks are underrated personally. I think that the Seattle D will give Pittsburgh's O a lot of problems. I think that Seattle's O is more balanced than any other O that the Steelers have faced in the playoffs. It should be a close game, and I will be pulling for Seattle.



Pittsburgh. Seattle's dismantling of Carolina impressed me, but I can't help feeling that the Steelers are more physical, and have a much better defense. And Roethlisberger is much better than I thought he was, I always kind of dismissed him as just a good game manager, particularly in his losses to the Pats the last couple of years.


I'm rooting for Pitt because I really like the coach and because as a Green Bay Packers fan I don't wanna see Mike Holmgren win a title with a different team!


Seattle's D is fast. What they need to do is stay home and play disciplined ball and they should keep Pittsburgh's O off the field. Seattle should do it.


I'm rootin for Pittsburgh cause I'm a yinzer. It's like a reflex or something. It will be nice seeing them in the superbowl as an adult. In the late '70's I was too young to realy appreciate it.


I'm going with the Steelers. I have been a Roethlisberger doubter, thinking he just played well enough not to lose, but he was throwing like a champ last week. The Steelers play tight, physical ball, and I was amazed how much heat they put on Manning.

It would be nice to see coach Cowher win. He's brought his teams close, but has never closed the deal. It would also be nice to see Bettis win, and retire on a high note.

We will see if Seattle is overrated or underrated. Hard to say. They don't have a big name defense, but the record doesn't lie. I haven't been impressed by this team until I watch them stomp Carolina.


Ever return for a while and notice the yinz come back?

Anyway, I've been gone 23 yrs and am still a Steelers fan. Its something that you just can't quit.