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Super Bowl Picks


Who's your pick for the Superbowl?
Carolina vs. pittsburg
Carolina winner


Seahawks v Steelers
Steelers win...by 10


Panthers vs. Steelers
Panthers WIN
24 to 10
Go Panthers!


Broncos vs Panthers

Broncos by 6


Steelers 17
Panthers 14

It's gonna be a slugfest.


Denver vs Seattle

Broncos by 3


Seattle Vs. Denver

Seattle wins by six.



I'm rooting for Pittsburgh though


Ahh man you gotta keep the faith.



I'm realy rooting for the Steelers, my home team, but I realy don't have a clue.


I couldn't even tell you. As I said in a post earlier in the season, competition in the league is feirce this year. All the teams are good and not one stands out as dominant.
All teams play good solid ball. Hard nosed, ground pounding, solid defense, not flashy but effective. I'd like to say that Seattle is the 'fanciest' team now, but to be honest, I haven't watched much of them regular season.
The Steelers are due. They have come so close so many times, and I'd like to see them get it. Bettis seems like a hell of a guy, he is from my home town, and it would be nice to see him end his career on a high.
Than again, I'm a Bronco fan, and it would be nice to see life after Elway.
Once again, I have no clue. I had hopes for Indy, New England and Chicago to go all the way, and those teams are out.


This is my exact pick.


Im a Colts fan from PA and Ive always hated the steelers, but I took them at 40/1 during the season, so GO STEELERS!?!?


Ouuuuch 34-17


I predict that Pittsburgh will make it to the Super Bowl!

(Am I good or WHAT)???



Steelers Vs. Seahawks

Seahawks +2




4th Quarter 27 to 7 Seahawks winning, gotta stop watching... my heart can't take it. Fuck!
Oh well, new Super Bowl pick:

Steelers win 13 to 10


EVERYONE has to agree that both games were more one-sided than anyone thought they would be.

It should be a fun Super Bowl!



Going to be a Hell of a good game this year.

I'll take Seahawks by 9.