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Super Bowl MVP

How many people honestly in here thinks that Tom Brady deserves to be the MVP? I think Adam Vinatieri deserves it more.

Here’s the thing if you didn’t have Vinatieri as kicker and you had Norwood you would have lost not win. But, will a kicker ever get an MVP spot? Probably not.

The LB Vrabel should have been the MVP!
And that is from a Bills fan…
‘x’ number of tackles, 2 sacks, 1 forced fumble, a touchdown reception that any TE would have been proud of…what else do you want? The defense is what gave them that title, took Stephen Davis out of the game, rarely let Carolina have more than 3 downs all game, knocked the crap out of Panthers receivers (who did little to nothing for Delhome early on)and gave the offense better and better field position.
D wins championships, offense just gets the front page.


C’mon dude, #4 missed two chip shots in the first half which would have given the Pats a little more cushion in the second half…

He came up big in the end, but it was ONE kick.

Brady has to know his offence, and the opponets defense in order to be successful. He’s got 50 different things going on every damn play.

Viniteri has one job… Kick fieldgoals.

Yeah, the pressure was on and it was a clutch play, admittedly so but worthy of the MVP?



Vinatieri was 1/3 on field goals, missing two from under 40 yards. Not exactly MVP numbers.

I don’t think Brady or the kicker should have received it. It should have went to the receiver deion branch. He had ten catch for 148 ( i think that is pretty close to what he had) He also help set up a touchdown, caught a td, and set up the game winning field goal.

Vinatieri? Yeah, so he made a field goal; He should have made the other two as well.

Heavy, right on. Vrabel was the man last night.

If they weren’t going to give it to Vrabel, Brady deserved it as much as anyone else.

Over all, DAMN good game,

Once again, WHY are you argueing football with a guy named silas from the V islands?

Vrabel, hands down.

Vrabel all the way. He played awesome in a game in which no player really excelled. He did it on defense and offense. He was shafted.

the mvp should go to none other than janet jackson. hands down winner.

Anderson: Janet or MTV? The flash was staged from what I heard from people who saw it. Eventhough, I missed it;). I filpped through the whole halftime show.
Verbal was probably the better canidate for MVP too. But, from what I hear after the show Bill saying put the ball on Vinatieri’s foot and he’ll win the game for us.
He’s a pressure kicker. If thats not a stament that they were relying on a player’s kicking ability the was is the meaning of MVP? If you had another kicker would he have won the game for you probably not.

Janet for MVP!!!


Would you have one the game if the quarterback hadn’t driven the ball into kicking range for the damned kicker?

probably not.

Football is such a team effort, the O-line played almost flawlessly, not letting Brady get sacked even once during the game yesterday. The running backs (Faulk and Smith) both played like they were possessed. The recievers came up with big grabs when it counted. The Defence played exemplerary ball. The coaches made the right calls at the right times in order to expose the opposition and make plays. The trainers, the equipment people, the communications people, the towel boys all played a role in this championship.


Brady was the motivator, the General, the stats alone could give him the MVP of any other game, so why not this one?
This guy showed the mettle of quarterbacks like Farve and Montana.

Viniteri deserves the credit and the notariety, but not the MVP.


In terms of Football, Viniteri wouldn’t have even been a candidate for MVP. How can you award MVP to a player who is probably only on the field for an all of like 8 minutes in an entire game? Vrabel perhaps had a shot at MVP, but Brady played an amazing game, the entire offence played an amazing game, and the QB being the leader of all this reaps all the benifits. This is coming from a Colts fan who at the present time wants New England to burn in hell…