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Super Bowl MVP = Ref


I am not a fan of either team and I am absolutely disgusted by the horrible officiating in this game.

It makes me embarrased to be an NFL fan.




It was embarassing to watch.


A-freakin' MEN.

If not for some of those awful calls, the Seahawks would've taken it.


the NFL has a real problem on its hands...this whole entire offseason has been atrocious refereeing.

roethlisberger didnt score in the first half, IMO.

that TD that got called back on pass interference was bogus IMO...

oi! but seattle cant manage the clock for crap.


no kiddin


I dunno about the pass interference call, he clearly pushed the opponent away, it wasn't like he just touched him. Accidental or not, it looked like pass interference to me.


i didnt think it was that bad. They were both jostling for position and it wasnt a big push. Even people like steve young were saying at halftime they thought it was a touch down. You need to let people play the game..


The refs have been calling that ticky-tack push-off all season long so why not call it tonight? Rothlesberger did not get into the end zone, the ball never broke the plane. The ref had one hand up in the air to signal down but then put both up as he ran in from the sideline.
IMO, Holmgren ought to be the MVP. With around 5 minutes left he punts when they are around the 50 yard line. They needed two scores and Pittsburg always pounds it late in the game to run time off the clock. Even if the Seahawks didn't get the first down, they can let their defense try to stop Steeler's offense. That was the end of the game right there. What was up with all the audibles and shit at end of 2nd quarter? They ran a shitload of time off the clock, didn't get dick. Seahawks field goal kicker should be shot. His misses killed his team more that Scott Norwood's miss. Never thought I would see Bill Cowher outcoach anybody, but, amazingly, Holmgren made him look great. Holmgren threw that game.


Ah, so now we know who was going for the Seagulls......

Face it the Seagulls were the best team in the worst division in the weaker conference, if they were in the AFC they wouldn't have even made the playoff. The Steelers on the other hand beat the 1,2,3, seeds on the road...total badasses....


I was gonna post the same thing. Granted I watched the game in a bar in downtown seattle, I still really didn't give a shit who won.

People thought it was bad during the USC vs Texas Rose Bowl game, but this super bowl game goes to show how attrocious the NFL refs are.

Watching the game, it was as if the refs wanted the steelers to win. After the PI call (wishy washy, could've gone either way, and if that was a push, then wtf?) and the fake touchdown, and the lame ass "block below the belt" call... you gotto wonder.


Agreed, totally bias towards the Steelers. Me and my family didn't care who won either, but we were rooting for Seattle near the end, hoping that they would pull through dispite those horrible calls.


Actually, no. I don't like either team at all...but this problem is not new, it was just in the spotlight tonight.
WTF was that blocking below the knee shit...IT'S A FUCKING TACKLE.


you know i find this VERY funny....i bet you more then 3/4's of the people who posted on this topic HAVE NEVER PLAYED football in their god damn life be it college,high school or even pee wee football....their all armchair QB's who sit at home and cry about how people call the damn game when they have never played it themselves...ohh sorry boys VIDEO GAMES DONT COUNT...next time before you cry about how people call the game maybe you should actually play before you try crying about the rules of the game....you might understand how things go...its people like you who make me sick..always putting down someone else who did good just to make your sorry skinny ass feel better about yourself


what does playing and observing some BS calls have to do with one another?


you and your 1 post are absolute fucktard.


this game was blatantly fixed.


Ok, I'm a HUGE Steelers fan, but I'll admit that the pass interference was weak.

Ben's TD was good though. The ball got to the white line while he was in the air, then he got knocked back to where he hit the ground. That's obviously what the refs saw as well.

The Seahawks did lose the game by penalties, but the better team won.


I'm a die-hard Steelers fan, and I always cringe when I see a blown call that favors them, because then I know I'm going to have to listen to shit like this when they win.

However, in case you didn't notice, the most horrid officiating of the year came in the Steelers/Colts playoff game, in favor of the Colts, and the Steelers still pulled through.

Penalties are called both ways, and the better team should end up winning... unless it's a Michigan/PSU game being officiated by refs who all hail from Michigan....


I don't know about Most Valuable, but clearly the most impact came from Jerramy Stevens with his 3 huge drops.

Maybe Heinz Ward should give Stevens his trophy. The Steelers at least owe him a thank you note.

Is it just me, or was this one of the most poorly executed Super Bowls by BOTH teams in recent memory?