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Super Bowl Movie Commercials Here!



There's all the big ones in one place!

I want to see Super 8. It seems to be doing an early-Spielberg kind of thing....with old Spielberg's help.


That's the fats & Furious one that wasn't in the original link, if you're into that.

I've never seen a Fast & Furious movie, but I thought Paul Walker was an undercover cop....so now it's movie 5 and him and the bad guy are still together?
I'm sure they must've explained it somewhere.


I liked the commercial where the guy fed everything doritos and it came to life. The other was the budlight home maker over one.


Sorry that link didn't work out.

Just cars going fast and guys saying " Go go gogogogogogogo!!!!" anyway.


I only watched the movie ones (I'm in Asia)Any idea where I can see all the other commercials?


I thought overall, they sucked. This one was awesome though.



you mist have missed the Kim Kardashian one (I think that was her), where she was in some fitness wear lookin all hot


I think it's supposed to be set before 2 Fast 2 Furious and Tokyo Drift, so it's a direct/ indirect sequel to the original by way of 2F2F, which features Tyrese, who was in the second movie but not in the first with Vin Diesel and Paul Walker - none of whom were in Tokyo Drift. ..


This was the best one.


I like the snickers one where Rosie gets hit with wood. All the rest were bleh.


No one thought the guy eating junk food getting caught by wife, he drinks Pepsi max thinking he'll be caught then its alright, looks at hot girl running whife gets mad throws pop in his direction, ducks and smackes the hot chick out?