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Super Bowl Blowout

Quite a destruction of the Oakland Raiders by the Tampa Bay defense. One could argue Gannon was largely responsible due to a record 5 interceptions. Also intereeeeesting to note that Jerry Rice is now tasting Super Bowl defeat for the first time after all these years.

Any thoughts on the game? (if anyone stuck around for the whole show).

I’m just glad to see any pass-happy team lose. The two universal rules of football–defense wins championships and you must establish a running game–held true.

You’re right, doogie, a good defense almost always beats a good offense. And Tampa Bay’s defense was KILLER!

The pain trains coming! Woo! Woo!

Oakland lost due to their offensive line and backfield. No protection. The O-tackles were easily dominated, the fullback did a horrible job of picking up his blitz read, and their Pro center was absent.

Gannon was rattled due to the lack of protection. In turn, the checks at the LOS were slow and the timing was off with the wide receivers. But, let us not forget that the Raider’s All-Star wide receivers looked slow and unenthusiastic in comparison to the Buc’s D-backfield.

The Buc’s defense was obviously quicker with their mental reads (read-coaching) and field reaction.

The game was a disappoint. But, I am pleased that Tampa won.

Some good commercials, hey people?! Terry Tate - Office Linebacker, was a fave. As well as the Sierra Mist w/the little dog kicking the hydrant open. The most annoying commercials were all those Cadillac ones. Oh my god: for 2mil a spot, couldn’t they come up with something a wee bit more creative?

I forgot about another commercial: the “ESPN Kitchen” - that was pretty damn funny.

The zebra ref, the rasta hair, the big butt and the clown - in that order…

Where’s all the Raider’s fan. If are remember correctly you were all shooting your mouths before the Super Bowl. DEFENSE wins Super Bowls w/ the execption of the Rams. Just like Pitching and Defense wins World Series…Not offense. But, I thought the Raiders could have played better. On the side note: the commercials for serria mist were helarious, the Budwiser commercial was funny two with the horses and the zebra being the ref…

The Bucs obviously had been very well coached on the Raiders’ plays and calls. The Raiders even admitted they hadn’t changed much since last year when Gruden was coach – Gruden knew personel, he knew plays, and he knew how to read the players.

That was a big-time advantage for the Bucs, and it showed. I mean, I know the Bucs are good and fast, but they're not that much faster than all the other teams, and they play zone, which the Raiders had done well against all year. Watching those Tampa DBs swoop in on the ball after reading Gannon left no doubt for me that Gruden had coached them very well.

It showed on defense too -- how many times did the Bucs audible away from a Raider blitz with an outside run to the other side? Gruden was definitely worth the $8M -- for that game alone. A championship is worth a lot more than that.

If you had to break it down to one thing which decided the outcome of the game it would simply be Tampa’s D-line having there way with Oakland’s O-line.

Didn’t I tell you boy?!! Always put cover sheets on the TPS reports!!-Terry Tate
That was the best commercial guys.

Here: http://terrytate.reebok.com/watch.asp

Man, that's some of the funniest shit.

I gotta agree with Boston. Gruden won that game for Tampa. Did you hear the mic on Lynch during game and comments made afterwards – both basically consisted of complete amazement that they had prepared almost exacctly as the Raiders played. I gotta disagree on one point, that is, Tampa’s linebackers and d-backs are significantly quicker than almost any other team’s. Especially the Brown and Rice. Did you not see that amazing route Rice ran to score his TD. Great read, but he looked as if he was in slow-motion.

That was friggin great girl! Thanks.

I and my brother were furious raider fans, I thought that it showed how great the raiders really are when they were playing so poorly but almost cam back to win it. Anyway I agree the coaching SUCKED, Wheatley should have been used as passing and garner early sucked. Bucs aren’t a great team, but they played fairly well. Too bad the raids didn’t use crocket on that 3rd and 2 huh? hes been unfuckinbelievable short yardage all year. Gannon sure sucked dick though, huh? oh well, looks like 8million and pics was def worth it for the bucks.

I think Gruden’s best job wasn’t preparing them for the plays, but putting them in a emotional state, or giving them the attitude to dominate. Quite simply, that’s what they did. They got after the QB, Dominated the O-line, and without Oakland even trying to run(Which hurt them) the DB and LB’s could sit in their zones and wait for the ball. It didn’t have so much to do with reading the offense, it had more to do with, Gannon trying to force plays because he was under pressure.

I already posted this in another topic but I’m going to re-post it here (I don’t feel like typing it all again):

“Just a quick note about this whole “great coach” thing. While I agree that Jon Gruden IS a great coach and he did wonders for Tampa Bay’s offense, most people don’t realize who, in my oh-so-humble opinion, was the real mastermind and a big reason behind Tampa Bay’s defense. And no, it wasn’t Tony Dungy either. Monte Kiffin doesn’t get the credit he deserves as one of the greatest defensive coordinators the game has ever seen. And football games are won by DEFENSE (9 times out of 10). Coordinators never get the attention they should. On a side note, John Lynch (Tampa Bay D-man) came forward and said he was shocked at how many of the plays they practiced on defense all week were the exact same plays that Oakland ran in the game, while Callahan also admitted that not a whole lot had changed in their offense since Gruden left. So one has to ask, is that really great coaching on Gruden’s part or extreme stupidity on Oakland’s part? I mean, did they not think Tampa was looking for that?”

Magnus has it exactly right. Gannon got the shit kicked out of him because there was NO QB protection. Tampa’s D-Line simply ate Oakland up. As a result, the Raider’s offense was crippled and their defense played the whole damn game.

Barret Robbins had better not play in the Pro-Bowl either. What a letdown.

I'm a Raider fan. I freely admit that my team didn't show. Some days you eat the bear, and some day the bear eats you.

The whole game was a big disgrace (for the Raiders). I expected better, but was very disappointed. I’m not a fan of Oakland or Tampa. I just wanted to see a really good game. sigh