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Super Beast

I am very interested in giving the workouts outlined in Super Beast a go but I have a concern first. I am currently trying to diet and I’m not quite sure these workouts lend themselves to be used by those dieting. What do you guys think? Would Mag-10 help the situation. I’m using Hot-Rox and Red-Kat @ the moment. Almost forgot, basically my diet involves getting 1.5-2 grams of protein per pound of bw and keeping calories to around 11-12cals/lb of bw. Keeping fats restricted to the fat in the meats I eat and a tbsp of flax with each protein shake I have and I add 6 grams of EPA/DHA’s in capsules. And limiting carbs to a serving of surge post workout and that’s my diet in a nut shell. The one thing I don’t do very well is meal timing. My schedule is always ridiculous with studying and class so I eat when I can but I make sure the food choices I have are good ones(either that or eat on time with less than good choices). Anyways, thanks in advance for any help.

Well, Mag-10 will help, but still, I wouldn’t do it, Super Beast sucked all the life out of me when I did it, and I was eating for added muscle mass at the time. I don’t think you could do it at sub-maintenance calories. I’d try one of the other programs on here, meltdown is a good one if you’re dieting.

Thanks for the help Mike. I guess I’ll hold off on the program until I’m truly prepared for it. By the way, how much strength did you gain in the lifts that you specialized? Thanks again.

Yeah, you wouldn’t be doing the program justice if you tried doin it hypocaloric. It’s one of my favorite programs I’ve ever done. My strength went up on it, I plan on doing it again sometime soon.