Super Beast Isometrics

The power racks at my gym arnt bolted down, and when I lift agaisnt the pins the rack tips foward, so generating 6 seconds of a full effort isn’t easy. Is there any thing I can do to still reap the benifit of isometrics? I was thinking doing squats with a pause like CT suggested.


I am no CT but you might try weighting down the power rack with some heavy DBs.

One other option is to try some “functional isometrics” as described in CT’s new book. This can work from the pins set at varying heights or from the floor depending upon which point in the range of motion you are training.

If you are performing Deads for example, load on more weight than you can normally handle for that exercise and try to lift it from that position (you will likely have to train 3 positions in the ROM). You probably won’t budge the weight but once you start developing some “beastly” strength levels and you are able to budge the weight you then know that it is time to add mroe weight.

I have found this to be a nice method to quantify your progress with isometrics.

Be sure to thank CT for the great book full of useful tips like this.

Hope that helps.