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Super Accumulation Program Progress

I'm gona be starting a progress report here of how the next 2 weeks go. I'll be including my workouts, sets/reps, weight, % of weight drop, overall feeling, Weight/stats before and after, etc. So I guess I'll get started.

Stats: (before)
Years lifting: 1 year 3 months
Age: 22
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 176
BF%: Around 10-12%
(All measurements done cold/relaxed. NO flexion)
Arm: 13.1
Wrist: 6.75
Biggest part of thigh: 24
Calves: 14.6
Chest: 42.5
Shoulders:46.5? About that
Neck: 15.5

Best lifts:
Bench: 240 lbs
Squat: 275 lbs (ATG)
Deadlift: 430 lbs (raw/conventional style)

Current supplements:
ON 100% whey protein
Bulk nutrition BCAA's
Higher Power Glutamine
Carlson's Lysine
Carlson's Fish Oil
Now's Maltodextrin
Now's Adam
Bulk Nutrition ZMA
Universal Nutrition Storm creatine
1/2-1 Biotest Spike Shooter
A couple vpx black pearl drinks and ABB's tribulus shots

*1/2-1 Spike
*15g bcaa�??s

Meal 1:
1.5 cups oatmeal
2 servings milk
1 scoop whey protein
1 serving blueberries
2 servings fish oil
1 multivitamin
1 resveratrol

Cal- 785 Pro- 55 Car- 110 Fat- 7

During workout:
1 serving whey protein
40g bcaa�??s

cal- 120 pro- 21 car- 2 fat- 1

Pwo shake:
60g malto
30g whey
5g bcaa�??s
5g glutamine

cal- 360 pro- 30 car- 62 fat- 1

Meal 2:
1.5 cups oatmeal
1 serving yogurt
8oz grilled chicken
1 banana
2 servings fish oil

cal- 1050 pro- 65 car- 125 fat- 13

Meal 3:
2 servings almonds
1 serving olive oil
2 servings fish oil
8oz grilled chicken
1 multivitamin
cal- 780 pro- 52 car- 6 fat- 50

Meal 4:

1.5 cups oatmeal
1 scoop whey
1 serving milk
1 serving raspberries
5g bcaa�??s
1 serving fish oil

cal- 700 pro- 42 car- 100 fat- 8

During workout shake:
1 scoop whey
40g bcaa�??s

cal- 120 pro- 22 car- 0 fat- 0

Pwo shake:
60g malto
30g whey
5g bcaa�??s
5g glutamine

cal- 360 pro- 30 car- 62 fat- 1

Meal 5:
3 slices whole grain bread
1 can tuna
1 apple
1 serving yogurt
1 serving fish oil

Cal- ;730 pro- 55 car- 100 fat- 10

Meal 6:
3 servings lowfat cottage cheese
1 serving olive oil
1 serving almonds
2 servings fish oil

cal- 680 pro- 46 car- 12 fat- 45
5,685 cal 418g protein 579g carb 136g fat

For the next 2 weeks I have no work, so my goal is to wake up after 8-10 hours of a good sleep, eat a big breakfast, relax for 1 hour after breakfast, go lift, come home, eat and relax and use this massage thing I have for a while while watching tv and hopefully napping. Wake up again and go lift. Come home, eat some more, rest some, then go to bed again for 8-10 more hours.

Let's see how it goes.


Today's workouts:


a1. back squat 8@185, 8@185, 8@185, 8@185, 8@185 (5x8)

a2. leg curl 8,8,8,6,8 (5x6-8)

b1. lean away chin up 8@bw, 6@bw, 6@bw, 6@bw, 6@bw

b2. dip 8@bw, 8@bw, 6@bw, 6@bw, 6@bw


I'm unsure about how explosive the squats can really be at
8 hard reps at 185. I know I could do more than 185 for 8 reps,
but I'm not sure how explosive they'd be.

I should have done more of the lean away chin ups, but wussed out.
Gota stop that, along with more dips.

Other than that, I am pretty worn out lower body wise from this
workout, which kinda worries me since It seems a lot more leg
heavy every day than upper body, even though it's an equal amount
of work. Gona try and leave tonight pleased with my workout.



a1. snatch grip dl off platform (10x6, 3 min. rest)
1.185-6 2.185-6 3.185-6 4.185-6 5.185-6 6.225-6 7.225-6 8.225-6 9.225-6 10.225-6

b1. palms facing db bench (5x6-8, 100 sec. rest)
1.55-8 2.55-8 3.55-8 4.60-6 5.60-6

b2. bent over db row (5x6-8, 100 sec. rest)
1.55-8 2.55-8 3.55-8 4.55-7 5.55-6


Went pretty well I guess. I feel like I had more afterwards even though I went to the point of failure on all lifts. Overall I think it went okay.

We'll see how much weaker I am, if any, come wednesday.


I actually wouldn't call it "progress" since if you do it right, you'll actually backtrack and get weaker.

Still, I hope you get the most out of it. Good luck and don't chicken out, ever.


By progress I mean how much progress I make getting weaker :stuck_out_tongue:

Hopefully I get really weak, as if I'm not enough already, lol.

The main reason I'm doing this program is so that hopefully I can spark some more muscle growth/strength, seeing as how since last february I've sorta stalled in my weight gain / size. Strength slowly (and I mean slowly) goes up still sorta. I would say my main longterm goal is just about 5'9" 180-185 lbs at or under 10% bf. That I would be more than pleased with.


Best of luck. But an unrelated point: you'll burn out mentally is everything you're doing is focused on this or sleep. Do something else, read a novel or go out or something during the already little time you have off the gym. Not that including massage and/or stretching is a bad idea in addition. It'll keep your mental reserves better in tact for the 2 weeks.


Good Luck with your little experiment.

I realise that plateus regularly happen when trying to put on mass which dictates the use of differing and sometimes harsh training strategies to encourage change. I however must question your logic of using an advanced lifting method after 1 year and 3 months.

Take care and make sure you have all bases covered and keep an eye on your health.

Long Live The Bodyscience


Today I woke up after a horrible dream. All it was were people telling me I need to quit this program otherwise i'm gona die before i finish it. all my friends stopped it immediately, and the tons of fish oil i took the night before along with being severely overheated when in bed from 2 workouts made me feel like I was gona throw up constantly all night. pretty scary stuff, then i woke up, felt kinda tired, then had breakfast and a spike, then felt fine, short of some obvious soreness.

The workout:
Superset 1
Front squats, 5x6,6,6,6,6...all at 175 and as explosive as i could get them.

Leg curls, 5x6,6,6,6,5...all those machines vary so much so i'm just gona say i went as explosive and has as i could handle.

Superset 2
Close grip pullups, 5x8,6,6,6,6...all bodyweight, with slow negatives. used wrist straps on sets 2-5.

Low incline db bench press, 5x8 at 55 lb db's...did these also with a fast push and a slow negative. I have done 70 lb db's before for 6-8 reps on an incline, so I can tell I'm definitely getting worn down.

Sipped on 30g whey protein with 40g bcaa's during the workout, and the rest of my diet is in check.

The rest of the day is just sitting around, napping, and massaging.

P.S. I threw up after yesterday morning's workout, and almost did again this morning's workout. I think it definitely has something to do with the taste of 40g of bcaa's in a drink.


I have no clue how this happened, but today I was stronger than monday.

am workout-

squat- 5x4-6...185,205,205,225,215

leg curl- 5x4-6...just went all out on the 5

lean away chin ups- 5x6-8...8,8,6,6,6 @ BW

dips- 5x8....8,8,8,8,8 at 15 lbs hanging

pm workout-

snatch grip DL from platform- 10x6

flat bench db press palms facing- 5x8,8,8,6,7 at 60,60,75,85,70

bent over db row-
5x8,8,8,8,8 at 55,55,55,55,60

night workout significantly stronger than monday's night workout. who knows why, i go in more sore every day but come out lifting more than before.


good luck, make sure all sets are to failure


interesting you should say that cuz, as i am going all out on all the lifts (going til my back almost turns in and can't lift up on the squats, bench press til i need someone to help me get the last up, dips til i can't push up anymore, chins til i can't get up anymore, deadlifts just to the point of not rounding in my back)

and yet here i am thursday morning probably the least sore i've been so far this week. no clue why, plus i felt i coulda done another workout a couple hours after yesterday night's one, even though i went to failure on all sets.


That's normal the first 6-9 days. Keep it up.


Okay today, I pretty much had the same workout as tuesday, but it just felt weird for w/e reason. I can't really explain it. I was still giving it my all, and got the same amount of weight if not more than tuesday, but as hard as i was pushing it, it was like i didn't feel like i was doing anything. very weird, and i can't explain it.

Anyways, workout...

Front squats- 5x6 at 175 for all, at or below parallel.

Leg curl- 5x6 all out

Incline db bench- 5x6-8, 60,65,70,65,65

close grip pullup- 5x6-8, 8,8,8,6,6 at bodyweight

I'm not really sore per se right now, but my joints behind my knee are, the ones that help me curl in the leg curl. Other than that, my total body soreness really isn't nearly as bad as the day after most programs where i only lift 3-4 times a week. the only noticeable thing is my body is just sorta getting a little more tired than usual, so who knows.


Sorry for not recent updates, I was out of town for the weekend, but still only lifted heavy, ate, and slept a lot. Surprisingly, without getting into a lot of detail, my strength has only gone up since monday, with saturday being about the worst workout of the week (still managed to hit 185 for all 5 sets of 6 deep reps on the front squat, as opposed to 175 on tuesday and thursday). Plus, my weight has gone from 176 to about 184 and still not much more bloated/fatter. I'm kinda surprised since, sitting here tonight, monday night, I'm super amped for my workout and think i could hit all 10 sets on the snatch grip deadlif off the platform at at least 275 to 300 lbs (started out monday night doing about 205 for the first 7 sets and barely 225 for the last 3, and did 3 sets at 225 and 7 sets at 275 last friday night with only chalk on my hands).

So to sum everything up:
After going from only lifting 3-4 times a week to a program where I lifted 9 times all out in one week, I have...

*Gone up in weight without much bloating/fat change, so it looks.
*Maintained strength if not increased strength on this specific routine (some routines you just always bench or squat more depending on the sets/reps/rest/where it's located in the workout).
*Not felt depressed in the least.
*Not had any joint pain anywhere except a slight bit of soreness behind the knees.
*Not lost any muscle mass.
*Have a new sense of what it means to go "all out" when only lifting 3-4 times a week.

Can anyone explain this? It's also not a matter of not going all out because I do on every single set (In fact on my last rep of my 4th flat db bench press set friday night, my arms gave out and the dumbbells went straight down hard on my chest, luckily i was able to roll them off quickly). This just shows how I really am going all out on every set. Go figure.


This is quite interesting, I woke up this morning to take measurements that I should have taken monday morning, but oh well...

waist- 34.5
arm- 13.25 relaxed at side
chest- 43.5
forearm- 11.7
thigh- 25.5
calf- 14.5
neck- 16.25
shoulders- 49.4

.15 arm increase
1.0 chest increase
forearm i am sure an increase even though not measured before unfortunately
1.5 on thigh
nothing on calves, they've always been very much on the gay side
.75 on neck? interesting
3 inches on my shoulders? that seems weird but it still showed 46.5 my last measurement and 49.4 today

This seems kinda weird since i'm supposed to be getting smaller?

BTW, wednesday morning, 10 days into the program, and can't wait to tear it up in the gym today. I'm still feeling good, and don't for a second think I haven't been going all out. I will say my pullups were getting weaker yesterday though, as I was really struggling to get just 6 in for the supersets. We'll see about today's double day.


I really dont' know what to say. I'm not going down in weight, i've gone up, i don't feel depressed, i feel normal, i haven't gotten weaker, etc. I've been going to failure on all llifts. I have no clue how I'm still goign but somehow I am, and am not sore at all, except maybe my elbows i'm starting to feel something a little od and that the back of my knees have been feeling a little weird, but other than that, that's all really.

Why not make a program where you lift 2-3 times a day every day for 2 weeks, assuming overtraining is the goal of this program? I personally don't feel overtrained at all right now. That's just me though.


i just finished this program too...and had a very similar experience with it as you have thus far. Some of my lifts decreased, some jumped (squat for some reason skyrocketed in a few days). Pull-ups got pretty hard by the end of it (and thats where i noticed a big change after the rest was in my lats). I found that my weight fluctuated alot between 188-196ish.

In terms of the mental aspect i never really felt what i expected in terms of depression, but i could tell i was never really 100%...plus i did snap once or twice at some pretty small things (i.e. throwing a backyard chair when the bbq almost exploded in my face. Still kinda surprised about having done that lol)

I wouldnt worry about not experiencing what was epected in the article so much as after having gotten back into the gym ive seen some crazy gains in strength all over, and a few pounds heavier now with minimal if any real fat gain.

good luck with the rest of it and get prepared to sit around and eat for five days..and grow while your at it


hell yeah i'm excited , and i do like this program. If nothing else, this program has taught me that if i'm flat db benching 85's right now for 7-8 reps, i DAMN well better be doing at least 90-95's once i come back refreshed. There's absolutely no reason why i could lift 18 times in 2 weeks compared to 6 times in 2 weeks and not have much more strength with all that extra rest.


Keep up the good work, I am cheering for you. Well not really cheering...


had to hurry my workout up tonight as the gym was closing within 30 min. from when i got there. ended up unfortunately doing 6x10 with 90 sec. rest on the snatch grip deadlift from platform instead of the recommended 10x6 with 3 min. rest. My back really felt that.

Afterwards I did the flat db bench supersetted with bent over db rows. Only used 65's for the bench and 50's for the bent over db rows, but they were super controlled, and only 30 seconds between sets. The 4th set I chose to use 80 lb db's and still got 8 reps with them. Definitely felt like I easily could have done a lot more.

I've gota say I find it funny that people were saying they'd never try this workout as it's too hard or they aren't advanced enough for it. I've only been lifting for 1 year and 3 months (extremely serious during that time though, but still) and I feel like I've handled it just fine. I definitely haven't been in the mood to do anything else as I wouldn't have had the energy, but as I've noticed, it's not like i'm climbing mountains every day anyways, so why not use a program like this. I definitely feel like it has more than benefited me, and might be using it again in the winter time when i have 2 more free weeks off. One last day tomorrow, and I'd really like to go all out, and probably add more lifts on to the end just to really wear myself down before the week long break.

I encourage anyone and everyone to try this program, as chances are, if you sleep enough, eat enough, and supplement the way poliquin suggests, you will probably see an increase of strength even while doing the program. I will remind you though, that I didn't have a job at all while doing this program, so I've been able to sleep 8+ hours a night (except for 2 nights ago when I only got 4 hours of sleep, but a full can of spike shooter took care of that :slight_smile: ), not stand up or deal with any other outside stresses, which has helped a ton. I'm not sure I'd want to try this program with a job, school, and homework and such. Either way, it's definitely worth a shot if you're desperate enough to build up more strength.


I would say that you're not getting weaker BECAUSE you're a relatively new guy. Less experienced lifters don't overtrain easily and that's what this program supposedly hinges on.

If you wanted to do "Super Accumulation" at your level of experience, I'd say you would have to lift even more frequently. But that's not optimal for you given your experience.

"Super Accumulation" is concentrated loading. That means doing more work than your body can recover from. It sounds like you are doing distributed loading, which means you can recover between workouts. It's more work than you're used to, but it's still distributed, which explains the immediate increase in gains you're having.

Depending on how concentrated or how distributed this program is TO YOU will determine how much of a "delayed transformation" you get after the end of the program.

Also, I think if nothing else, you learned alot more about what kind of programming you are capable of doing and I think next time you'll be less afraid of overtraining (or at least you should be).