Super-Accumulation Program Log

Started the Super-Accumulation program outlined by Charles Poliquin today. For those that don’t know… basically you beat your body up for 2 weeks, take 5 days off, and come back bigger and stronger than ever. It’s definitely mentally/ physically demanding, and the program calls for extreme dedication and desire if it is to be carried out correctly.

Right now I’m in a rare position where I can devote adequate time to train this way. A lot of people have argued against this program, citing that its only for athletes or those getting paid. Considering I currently have the time and resources, I ask myself why not? Overall I’m healthy- I have a few blemishes but who doesn’t? I’d consider myself an “intermediate” lifter- my big 3 lifts equal around 1000 pounds- my lower body strength is lacking compared to my upperbody (bench press is about 300).

The only drawback I have is that I don’t have a training partner. I don’t have a coach or personal trainer. It’s me and only me and come the middle of week 2, I know I’m gonna really be dragging ass. Oh well- 2 weeks. Whats two weeks? I see this as a challenge first of all. Second of all, as an experiment. I want to see how effective this type of training is- first hand.

With that being said, I’m gonna try to log every workout, what I eat that day, and how I feel in general.

I finished the first workout today at 12pm. All of my morning workouts for M-W-F will occur at this time, considering I don’t wake up until 8:30, and I have a weight training class M-W at 12 which lends to this program nicely.

Weighed myself on a “historically light” digital scale/ health station at my university gym. Weighed in at 199. Gonna compare this tonight with a different mechanical scale, but I’ll try to keep consistent weight logs.

A) Back squat 5x6, 40X0 tempo, 100 second rest. 245lbs x6,x6,x6,x6, x5

B) Seated leg curl 5x6, 40X0 tempo, 100 second rest. #12 x6,x6,x6,x6,x6- last reps got sloppy

C1) Chinups (tried not to “shrug” up to the bar- scapulae depressed) 5x6, 4010, 100 second rest. 35lbs x6,x6-somewhat failed, 30x5,x5- failed

C2) Dips 5x6, 4010, 100 second rest. 45lb x6,x6,x6,x6, 50lb x5- failed on 6th rep.

Thoughts on morning workout:

  1. I’ve never lifted with a specific tempo, so it was different. I found myself pausing at the top of lifts, especially squatting to get myself together. This will be hard but essential to squash.

  2. I accidently didn’t superset A and B like I should have. I’ll correct this on Wednesday.

  3. I havn’t trained squats to failure in along time. This alone beat the hell out of me.

Night workout and my food log will be posted later tonight!

Night workout:
A) Snatch grip deadlift 10x6, 5010, rest 3 mins
185x6,x6,x6,x6,x6,x6,x6,x6,x5-grip failed,x5-grip failed on 6th

B1) Seated DB press, palms facing each other, 5x6-8, 4010, rest 100 sec
60x6,x6-failed 6th, 55x6,x6,x5- failed on 6th.

B2) Single arm DB row, 5x6-8, 2011, rest 100 sec
70x7,x7,x7,x7,x6- failed on 7th, x6- failed on 7th.

Thoughts on night workout:

  1. Snatch grip deadlifts suck bad. I could definitely do more weight if my grip hadn’t gave out. I was squeezing so hard that my ring and pinky finger tips feel numb still. I’m thinking about using wrist wraps next time.

  2. The tempos are really challenging. I have to do alot less weight on some of these lifts than I would typically do lifting faster.

  3. My cervical vertebre is a bit sore along with my lunbar. I hope I’m not re-aggravating an old injury in my neck. These types of lifts are hard to do with no spinal flexion in some cases. I don’t know many people who can snatch grip DL on a platform and not exihibit some lunbar flexion- especially after being fatigued.

  4. I don’t think I ate enough today.