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Super-Accumulation Program by Charles Poliquin


Has anyone tried this. I was planning on giving in a shot and I wanted someones feedback on their personal experience, like what to expect, alterations to the workout, was it also a fat burning workout, HOW WELL the workout WORKED, was it worth it. I will be going on vacation the week after I do this program and am hoping it will be a way to make great gains and also be able to eat a bit more as well.


I've done it twice before (back to back after the rest week), I was stronger the second time through but that was probably mostly due to neural adaptation to the exercises (I.E. I just got better at doing them).

I don't think it's really an end-all-be-all program, but it's nice for a change of pace and I feel as though there's some merit in over-reaching (overtraining) on purpose before a major deload.


did you notice any muscle size differences(bigger or smaller) or fat loss?