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Super 8 Movie


Did a search and didn't see anything so here goes.

Was hesitant to see this intially because JJ Abrams movies/shows usually have bad endings (ie. Cloverfield, Lost).

Anyways, saw this last night and was pleasantly surprised. You can definitely see the Spielberg influence (ET/Goonies) in there and the kids dialog was funny as hell. All in all a good watch. Anyone else here see it?


I hated it. It was like Cloverfield and The Mist shit out a retarded kid and made it this movie.


Never saw The Mist, but this was better than Cloverfield by far.


The Mist was fucking great.

If this is better than Cloverfield, tahn fuck yteah OU;'ll see it.


mainly cause I saw CLoverfield and a girl gave me head during it.




Saw it today with my son. Not that good. JJ Abrams tries to be Spielberg, but can't quite do it.

The problem is that unlike a good Spielberg movie where the character's motives are clear to everyone (Jaws- the shark is hungry; ET- the good alien wants to go home, etc)....Super 8 had no clearly defined motives. The alien is supposedly intelligent, yet it runs around town randomly kidnapping people and hanging them upside down in its subtarranean lair?

Meanwhile, the middle school science teacher is really a former government scientist who hides proof of alien life in his middle school locker, and survives a head-on collission with a train while driving a truck? C'mon.

The girl and boy in the movie are wonderful, great casting. The rest of the kids were irritating, to tell you the truth. Again, JJ Abrams tries to be Spielberg with the kids, but he fails.

Overall, there were just too many plot implausibilities and other short comings. I expected a lot more.


I still feel that I want to go see it..but this summer's heavy with the movies!

I just got back from the wonderful "X-Men" and "Hangover 2" earlier in the week and even my girlfriend wants to see "Green lantern" on Friday.


Christ people, if you're going to give away half the fucking story line can you give a "Spoiler Alert" please?


How I felt when I was reading a Firefly thread recently.. just saw the first few episodes.. and somebody spoiled a main character's death within the first few posts..


It's kinda dumb anyway.


I don't think anyone gave away any of the storyline, except saying that there are kids in it and that it feels like a mix of "E.T" and "The Thing"

Were you joking?!?


IDK, some dude about 5 posts up is giving away WAY more than I want to know.

I'm also one of those people who will not watch trailers, because why would I want to see a condensed version of the movie in a 2-minute span? Dumb.

And as a side rant, I really hate it when you want to see a funny movie, make that quite clear to a person, and they'll go and tell you about "these three or four hilarious scenes." And those end up being the only funny scenes in the entire the movie, that were ruined because some douchetard has no common decency.

Movies. They're important, dammit.


Psshh, The Mist was great. This comes from a person who actually read the short story first. Never saw Cloverfield though, can't handle movies with shaky cameras.


Hell, besides the very end, the movie was about as true to the short story as possible! Great movie.



Cloverfield monster phone home!

No, actually, I enjoyed it.. except the end, which was a bucket full of cheese. But then the credits ("The Case") made up for it some. Walkman joke in gas station was good.


To be fair, Firefly is in reruns from like 8 years ago...

Thought Super 8 was a really good movie, but apparently i am not as discerning as some intellectuals on this board. It's a movie, people. If you were already biased toward Abrams' work, then why would you expect any better?

Agreed though, a couple decent plot holes. Motives, though? Really?


I didn't like it, but if you're into aliens and monster films it might be your cup of tea. In comparison to the alien films I have saw and reasonably enjoyed, this movie was poorly thought out and as an above posted point out, there seemed to be no set motive/direction to it. The comparisons to Cloverfield are just.




How was the plot unclear? The alien crash-landed and wanted to go home. The air force captured it and did not allow it to do so. The way I saw it was that the alien was building a giant magnet so that all of those cube things would be pulled to the area and he could re-create his ship. As for capturing people, it looked like it was just storing food in that way.

I liked the movie, I thought the kids were played well. Thank god they actually said "shit" and "pussy" and didn't act all G-rated.

But yah, head on collision with a train and you live? Righhhhtttttttt. That part did annoy the fuck outta me.


I like it - sort of a mixture of ET and the Goonies.



Plus, he was the only black character in the movie...that alone should have secured his death even as an innocent bystander observing the wreck. Fake ass movie...