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Super 15 - Any Rugby Fans?


any rugby fans in here?


Hell yes! I'm watching the 7's tournament right now. US just lost to South Africa. AGAIN! LOL I don't know why I even get my hopes up - it's amateurs (as in there are NO professional rugby players, they all have day jobs) playing professionals.

I love the super 15's and the tri-nations.


I was excited Sunday that Rugby came on NBC after the Celtics - Heat game .. too bad I fell asleep CURSE YOU FLU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Aren't the US players who play for the eagles professionals overseas too?


The Vegas sevens was awesome! Personally I loved the result

Cecil Afrika is freaking insane! Without him they are half the team.

Where do you plan on getting the super15 from? It's tough since there is nowhere to even pay to see it round here and the six nations is interesting but personally I prefer the rugby from down south


I know right? Down south is the best rugby in the world. I don't know what the fuck Argentina is thinking, trying to hang with the big boys - they're gonna get that contract and then get embarrassed for four years! The fucking 'boks have been kicking ass and taking names for the past few years now in 7's and XV's. I'm getting tired of it! I'm pulling for the Crusaders and after that, the All Blacks better not let me down LOL

I found this streaming website http://www.watchliverugby.com/super15/# but I am not sure how reliable it is - I have to check it out a bit more before I buy it (It's only like 9 pounds though, so if it's a dud, no big deal). Have you heard of any good streaming sites?


Ireland vs France on Sunday was an absolute cracker of a match, 6 Nations at the moment is pretty exciting, can't wait for England vs France in a few weeks...gonna be huge!


Tha AB's are downright favourites but downright chokers as well. I am not too hopeful for SA since the headcoach we have right now is nothing short of a circus clown. I am trying livetv4ever.com as well as trying to get my uncles dstv code from south africa so I can watch some. If i find anything reliable i'll let you know for sure


I'm not a big fan of Super 15. Imo the Heineken cup is the best club competition in rugby. Supers is alright, but theres just something special about the Heineken cup that other comps can't compete with.
Oh and, the 6 Nations>tri nations everytime.


The fully contracted players playing in Europe or the southern hemisphere wouldn't be on the sevens circuit,they wouldn't be released by their clubs in the vast majority of cases.Playing sevens basically means you can kiss the remainder of your club season goodbye.It's a great lifestyle though!


Also justin.tv show a lot of european games.Myp2p.eu is the best I've come across,they have essentially every televised game of every sport on the planet no matter what country it's being broadcast from.


Rugby fan here. Following the 6 nations and Heineken Cup at the moment, with Perpignan, Saracens and Toulouse as my fav teams. Looking forward to England vs France next week in the 6 nations tournament.



myp2p.eu is pretty decent but the thing that sucks is the streams are never guaranteed so it's a gamble at best. personally i think the new format is kind of bullshit but whatever. On the one hand SA and NZ get the short end because it is pretty much a repeat of the domestic leagues (Currie Cup and ITM cup) the only conference to benefit are the aussies since they have no real domestic league in place. I foresee hard battles nonetheless.

I am pretty keen to see the Saders midfield in action even though they aren't my team. combined that's over 470 pounds of off-loading-tackle-breaking-bone-crunching muscle!


I'm trolling because I have a different opinion to you? OK nice logic.
I follow european and S Hem rugby, and I've been to games in both. From a purely atmosphere point of view the Heineken cup was miles better, especially at any of the games i've been to that have had Munster, Leinster, or Biarittz etc playing. The Super 13 games I have attended have had terrible atmospheres, though I will admit they were Warratahs games, and i'm sure some of the bigger Kiwi/Saffa teams would have great atmospheres.
The whole reason for the rejig of the schedule was because of a growing lack of interest from the public, in Supers rugby. Yeah they have high scoring games where theres loads of running rugby, but that comes at the sake of the scrum etc. which I feel are integral parts of rugby Union, not to mention some of the law interpretations which have been shocking.
Regards the tri nations, I think all three teams are tremendous and I was not specifically attacking them. But the tri nations cannot compare to the 6 nations in terms of the interest it garners and the moments it produces. England v Ireland in Croagh park in 2007, alone is pne example I could cite. I'm pretty sure most rugby fans would acknowledge the superiority of the 6 nations. But to each their own. I'm just happy that rugby is starting to get a bigger audience, which it definitely deserves in my opinion.


Let's not let ourselves get into the TIMELESS debate of Northern Hemisphere vs. Southern Hemisphere. I mean BOTH play outstanding rugby. Personally, the All Blacks are my favorite team and they always have been, so naturally I've followed SH rugby more diligently. But that's not to say I ignore the six nations by any means. I just downloaded several recent matches. Shit, I'll even enjoy a LEAGUE game every now and then (for about ten minutes, then I get bored LOL).

In fact, one of my most memorable rugby moment involved teams from BOTH hemispheres back in the 2003 world cup when Jonny Wilkinson (England) kicked that drop goal in overtime to beat Australia. That was just fucking beautiful.


I fully agree with you. I just stated a preference and got accused of trolling!

I fully expect NZ to finally get over their curse this year and take the world cup. South Africa and England are the only teams I think will stand in their way potentially.

Quick question...

How is it that soccer has a higher profile in the US than rugby? I would think that the physical nature of rugby would be more appealing to you guys than soccer.


@ kreb - I have NO FUCKING IDEA why soccer is more popular than rugby in the United States. One would logically assume that most Americans would want to watch an aggressive, tough, hard hitting game to where people bleed and fight on the field occasionally. It SHOULD appeal to both the football (NFL) and hockey fan base...

A lot of my friends say that they just don't understand the rules and that many infractions happen so fast that they just don't know what's going on. They're used to NFL style instant replays where they show each play in slow motion two or three times... Obviously you can't do that in rugby. Although I am seeing instant replay more and more each year.

My hope is that now that rugby will be in the Olympics, it will gain some traction here. The first step is to make a PROFESSIONAL team. As of now, each member of the Eagles holds a full time job on his own and has to take time off from work and pay for airfare to play in international tournaments, while other countries are practicing together twice a day, six days a week. We simply can't compete effectively against that.

Then you have the fact that NONE of the international games are available to watch here. There are some streaming web sites, but then you have to watch it in the middle of the night, which MOST people can't do. Add to that the lack of advertising traditionally associated with rugby (which is starting to change) you have less financial incentive for networks to carry it.

AND the nail in the coffin is that MOST Americans are completely ignorant and almost hold an "attitude" against things foreign (particularly European). Virtually NO ONE (other that die hard fans such as myself) would travel to Europe to watch international competition, so there would almost need to be a separate professional league for North America. The closest thing we have is the Super League which are the top 16 teams in the US (that's the division I played in) but those matches are not even televised locally, much less nationally.

In other words, we've got a long way to go! LOL


My apologies it was just the tone you used

"Oh and, the 6 Nations>tri nations everytime. "
" I'm pretty sure most rugby fans would acknowledge the superiority of the 6 nations. "

is much different to

In my opinion ....

to continue to some of the other points, I do not think that the scrum is sacrificed in the southern hemisphere rugby (they always hold their own against the teams from up north, except for the aussies everyone knows they can't scrum for shit).

It was in new zealand where the interest was being lost due to the fact that it was available on tv. Consider that most of the s14 venues are 2-3 times as big as most northern hemisphere venues. Newlands was almost full for most of the seasons and that's a crowd of 35,000 upwards. I still don't see how they think the new format is going to get more numbers but that's not my problem.

I actually enjoy league quite a lot, minus the mandatory 3 second gay humping after every tackle. The vision and playmaking abilities of league players (nevermind athleticism) is very astute.

Kickoff of the first game is in under 24 hours


And I STILL don't have a way to watch :confused:

I played League for a few summers instead of 7's to see what it was about. I didn't like the whole "humping" thing either! (got yellow carded a few times over it LOL) But I have to say that playing League actually helped my ball handling skills a lot - I'm a forward in Union, so we didn't usually emphasize that, focusing more on set play rather than open play. It helped me become a more well rounded player. But to me, if you're not rucking and mauling, it just doesn't FEEL right! I still like League though, but I have to say I'm more of a Union guy.


Yep, if you love Rugby NZ is the place to be. Ever since NZ was announced to host the Rugby world cup people have been talking more rugby than usual. I myself don't watch any league, unions or 7s, actually preferring the NBA, NFL and Champions League (in that order) but i'm a sucker when it comes to meaningful international rugby matches involving the All Blacks.

The Abs will win the World Cup and then they should do a tour of the US to promote Rugby there.