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Super 14 Thread!


In light of the Northeners' thread for the 6 Nations, I will make one for those of us who are fans of the great game in the Southern hemisphere.

Things to look out for:

Travelling. The gods have finally smiled upon the South African teams and cursed some of the Aussies/Kiwis with 3 weeks of travel. I really can't wait to hear the excuses at the end of the series when some of the better teams bomb cos the of 3 away games in a row.

New teams. The Cats (SA) should do fairly well since it has its base in the Currie Cup winning team. The Western Force (Aus) might have a bit more of a struggle, since its a brand new time, and they are in an awkward position as far as travelling goes.

Kiwis. Once again the teams to beat. Can the Crusaders keep their crown? Or will their fellow countrymen take it away? Or, shockingly, can a team from Oz or SA plunder the elusive title that a kiwi team has taken 8 out of 10 times (I think that is the stat).

As for me, Stormers all the way. With all the ridiculous bullshit that SARFU has done to ruin the game, I am just pulling on my boys to place well, and not come last (for those of you that hadn't heard....the SA Super14 team to finish last this year gets dissolved. A new team in Port Elizabeth will be in place for next year. Worst. Idea. Ever.)


If the Hurricanes can beat the Blues this week in their opening match, I am betting that we will make the semis. It's a confidence thing more than anything else.
Ren, there's still time to change allegiance to the Bulls. I don't think the other SA teams are going to crack it.


My tip is going to be on an all NZ Final, which will be Crusaders and not sure about the other team.
My beloved brumbies are going to struggle to make the semis this year I think.

But having said that, one of the best nights of my life was spent at Canberra Stadium, watching the Brumbies defeat the Crusaders in the 2004 grand final while sitting next to two New Zealanders.

I am lucky that the big Maori (sp?) in the next seat did not eat me though.

In two weeks I am moving from Adelaide back to Canberra. I cant wait to purge myself of the stench of AFL that is everywhere here and be home on the side of the country that loves all forms of rugby.


Not happening. Born and raised in Cape Town, no way in hell am I gonna switch allegiance!


Oh well... I guess there's always soccer.


I'm not convinced the Crusaders will make the finals this year. It's too early to tell of course, but the absence of Justin Marshall will definitely be felt. It will be interesting to see how Senio and Ellis take over.
Canes this year for sure! The unfortunate thing is that i'm relocating to Melbourne in April so will miss my home games : (


After 5 years living in Perth, I finally have a local Rugby team. Hurricanes are still my main team, and this year I think we have a chance for the finals.
Looking forward to the Force games though, don't expect them to get better than 5th at the end.
Waratahs are the only Aussie team with a chance for the semis same with the bulls for South Africa.
Hurricanes, Crusaders and Blues for NZ are all strong finals contenders.


Nou die Blou!!!!

Translation: Go Bulls!! (or something like that)

With regards to the relegation system in SA. It Sucks. The spears (the new team from the eastern cape) have a snowballs hope in hell. I'll bet my Landy they don't even make the currie cup semi's

The new team for SA is the cheetahs. You are correct, they did win the currie cup. As a blue bull it still hurts.


Go the Brumbies!


The most beautiful phrase in the English language.


Crusaders are the rightful favorites, but the Blues are due a good season.
The Waratahs look a contender. None of the other Australian teams will feature, and the SA teams will struggle, as usual.
Semis, in rank order:
1 Crusaders
2 Blues
3 Waratahs
4 Hurricanes.
Or maybe I am talking out of my ass!


I had Kookaburras season tickets before the Brumbies were a team too, I was like 10 years old or something. That was the last time I was any good at footy, lol.


I agree with the crusaders, waratahs and hurricanes pick but I don't think the blues will make it in. We'll have to see how they go against the canes this weekend. I think the Bulls will be there. I doubt the crusaders will win (see earlier post) but I too could be talking out my ass : ) Bring on round 1!


Just read in the paper that the Brumbies have only named 4 players for the match against WA. The rest of the team has a virus.


I read on monday that they had a full strength squad. I really hope that my news, and not yours is correct. i guess we will know in 3 hours.


It's all on!
After a crap first half full of handling errors and weak defence the mighty Hurricanes walk away with a 37-19 first round ass-whupping of the Blues.

Next week it's the western force's turn for the rag doll...after they stick it to the Brumbies tomorrow night.

Thank you and goodnight...


only 45 mins until the kick off for the first game of the season for my brumbies. I think that a there is a damn big can of whoop arse to be opened up on the Force.

I really hope that I am not embarassed later tonight by this post.


Well I was wrong...

Respect to the Brumbies.


Super 14? Where the hell are the girls? I thought this was about 14-year-old girls or 14 hotties!

This thread is useless without pics!


Thank God I wasnt. I dont think that I could stand my team being the first to lose to the newest team in the league. Dont get me wrong, I hope the Force do alright, just not as good as the brumbies.