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Hip thrusts 4 x 3 205
Bulgarian split squats 30s hold then 10 reps then 2 x 10

4 x 10s Sprint on Woodway 2 min rest

Was supposed to do single leg hip thrusts but just wasn’t feeling it. Was also supposed to do seated rows but the machine was in use and I was under a time crunch. Lactic was rough!


Step ups 3 x 10
Seated row 3 x 10 @ 135
Adductor / abductor machine

Doing true step ups is so freakin difficult, it’s almost embarrassing. Seated rows felt good, I went to failure basically so that weight I think is right. I did the add/abd machine again because my legs shake when I do hip adductor at lower weights then it stops at higher weights. I wanted to see if I was just using other muscles to compensate.


3 x explosive Anderson squat cluster of 5 @ 145 then a cluster of 5 squat box jumps
Pushups 30s pause at sticking point then 10 then 2 x 10
Banded face pulls 20s pause at sticking point then 10 then 2 x 10

4 x 10s Sprint on Woodway 2 min rest

Every part of the workout felt great aside from the lactic of course.


3 x explosive hip thrust cluster of 5 @ 205 then a cluster of 5 broad jumps

I was going to split squats but my knee was really bothering me. Everything felt fine until I finished my last set of the complex. I think I need to adjust my warmup


Seated row 3x10 to failure

6 x 10m sprints

Was supposed to run in the morning but my knee was hurting, definitely have some inflammation. Did a little lift before work and then felt good enough after work to do the sprints. Sprints felt exceptionally powerful.


6 x Max velocity fly-in 10m 2-3 min recovery

Snatch 1 x 10 in 12 mins @ 155
Banded face pulls 30 second pause then 3x10

Didn’t feel quite as fast as last week but still felt fast. I am going to try to take it easy next Sunday during volleyball. Felt good to Olympic lift again. 155 felt SUPER easy. I did 11 reps in 11 mins and ended up getting 3 in the last minute with no drama. Would have gone up in weight but my knee was bugging me again.


Anderson Squat 10 x 1 in 12 min @ 275
Pull ups max pause at sticking point then 3 x max
Ball ham curls 3 x 10

My knee was really hurting during the warmup and almost skipped it. I ended up just going for it and it was fine, just some pain. Did 12 sets of 1 on squats. I am loving the Anderson squat more and more. I was only able to hold for the chin up for like 20s and then only did like 3 x 4. I have to switch to pull ups because my shoulder was cracking a lot during the chin ups. Ball ham curls were great. I was supposed to do a little lactic workout at the end but my knee was still bothering me so I skipped it.


Power clean 10 x 1 in 12 mins @ 250
Med ball slam 3 x 10

My form was pretty sloppy because my knee was hurting again but I got 10 and almost got the 11th. I am going to take a few days off and let it calm down a bit.