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Hey all…I NEED to get my hands on Siff and Verkoshansky’s Supertraining. I took a look at elitefitnesssystem’s site, but the only shipping option they gave me will make the total cost about $93 USD (I live in British Columbia, Canada). I know that the book is worth that and more, but in Canadian money $93USD is damn near prohibitive! Does anyone know any other options as to where I can purchase this book? I am like sponge…I absorb, digest, then absorb once more. Thanks.

Try contacting him.
Im not going to give you his adress but he has the Supertraining egroup over at yahoo.
You can join the group if you want (I highly recomend it and its free) or just look for an email address. He just recently offered members some quite significant discounts.

I bought my copy directly from Mel Siff. You should be able to get a hold of him through his supertraining yahoo group.

Where in BC? I’m in Victoria.

from Psycho to Drax.
I have seen your comments regularly. My question to you. Are you using Mag 10 and if so were did you get if from?? I live in Calgary and can’t afford to lose 300 bones because it didn’t clear customs if ordered from the U.S.


Evidently Mel’s printing company made a few mistakes on the last batch but the material itself is completely legible. These less-than-perfect copies are going for over 60% off. Now is the time to get one. You can get his email address from his discussion group at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Supertraining

Nope. See m post on that too young for steroids thing. I know they’re not the same, but I still feel sort of the same about stuff like Mag 10.

Thanks for all the replies, my fellow Tmen…I’m going to check out that yahoo group asap. I had the chance to catch Mel at the NSCA national convention last year, and he was by far one of the most entertaining as well as thought-provoking presenters there. Can’t wait to delve into Supertraining!
DRAX…I live in Vancouver…I don’t know if the Lower Mainland is big enough for the both of us!