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Sunrise and an Interview with God

What a Sunrise
Sunrise. Always makes me believe there is a God. This morning was another beauty. I have seen many in my life. To be honest I am sort of addicted to sunrises.
It all started when I was very young. I was the morning paper boy. 14 years old and walking in all types of weather for a couple of years, watching the world wake up. It influenced me and stayed with me for the rest of my life.
The sheer beauty and power of night being converted to day is such an ethereal experience .
God and Nature. The ultimate artistic duo. Using giant paint brushes on heavenly canvas.
My mother recently rented an apartment on the ninth floor. At the age of 73 she has only just begun to talk about sunrises. She has a great view of this event every day, and marvels to me daily about how it unfolds.
We take many things for granted in this life. And not all of us enjoy nature. There is a lyric on a Steppenwolf album that goes " Well I feel so mean I could shoot down the morning sun". Of course that would take a big gun to say the least.
To me a beautiful sunrise signifies Hope. Even a grey rise signifies Hope.
The early bird gets the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese. It does not matter.
If you want a little proof of how wonderful this planet is, get up early and take the time to actually experience a sunrise in quietude. It is enlightening . It lets one know how small we are.
And it helps reaffirm belief in a power much greater than us.
Happy Sunday…Last night I had a dream that I interviewed God. May have been a fever. Still, when I awoke I typed “interview with God” into a google search. And look what I found.
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