Sunless tanning,which is the best!

Hey T-dudes and T-vixens,what sunless tanning products are the best?I’ve been working hard to get lean and cut and well I’m as pail as a ghost.I don’t tan worth a damn so I have to use sunless products.Thanks

Hi js
I use Neutrogena dark foaming lotion on my bod and Bain de Soile dark on my face.They work well.I have also heard that Bananna Boat has one that goes on “colored” then fades, so you can see if you missed any spots.I’m going to try that when the Neutrogena runs out.

whatever you do, DO NOT USE CANTHXANTHIN(sp), you know, those tanning pills. I will turn your dick, and everything else orange! And if you happen to be outside and someone is wearing uv blocking sunglasses expect some laughter at you expense, you will be flourescent. It took me about a year for the orange tinge to clear from under my finger nails and toe nails.

For everything you ever wanted to know about sunless tanning including product reviews, application tips, etc. go the website sunless (you can figure out the rest).

Try the ones that have bronzers in them so you can see were you have it on, that way you are less likely to get any streaking. Plus,any time I’ve ever used them,they always look 10 times better if you have a little cooler or abase tan so go buy some sessions at your local tanning place.Oh, and buy the way,99.9% of the time the good ones are usually more excpensive. If you buy cheap, you’ll get cheap.

An excellent site giving comparisons and reviews of sunless tanners is the sunless site, with the URL you’d naturally guess.

I find their recommendation of Au Courant as an excellent self-tanner to be correct, on those quite rare occasions I use them. (Don’t have anything against them, just can’t bother for
the most part.)

I had two sets of before and afters taken last year. For the first set, I used Au Courant, specifically because it was so highly rated on that sunless dot (pick an extension) site. And yes, it’s a very good product. But for the second set later in the year, I switched to Banana Boat Sunless Tanner (both the lotion and the mousse). That’s also highly rated, though it’s in the “supermarket/drug store” category. Honestly, my second tan was just as good as my first, and the Banana Boat cost about 50% less (got it on sale). BTW, in a controlled studio environment, for the sake of a picture, Jan Tana’s Competition Tan is fast and quite dark. Not for the beach, of course, much less a pool. It’s basically a skin dye, which doesn’t sound appealing. But it’s not unpleasant to apply or wear, and I can’t imagine any DHA-based sunless tanner getting you that brown.

Well, one thing to stay away from is Ammoidin. I didn’t know how to use it and I got sunburned pretty bad. I had to take 2 weeks off and I couldn’t sleep because of the blisters. I got first and second degree burns over 60% of my body…not fun. This stuff is definitely dangerous. Oh, and it left me a few reminders of what spots I missed. mike1princecharred:frowning: