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I'm a bit of a connoisseur of sunglasses. I'm not a freak on shades but I'm into them to this extent; I own a couple pairs of Oakleys, one of which has four interchangeable lenses and I own a pair of Maui Jim's. I bought my wife a pair of Maui Jim's. Back when Sunglass Hut was a public company, I owned stock.

So, for what it's worth, I recently stumbled across the best value I've seen in sunglasses. The glasses are called Tifosi. They cost 50 bucks and you get four exchangable lenses, dark, rose, yellow and clear. The optical quality is simmilar to Okley's Irridium line with only the rose being not quite as good but the yellow being better - although quite different.

Basically comared to similar Oakley's you pay less than half as much and you get multiple lenses. On me they look nicer too. The baseball and golf Oakley's sit a little too high on my face. The Tifosi Slip model fits just right.

Disclaimer: I have no financial interest in the Tifosi Sunglass company.


Where can you find these?


They're pretty good. I've seen them somewhere, can't remember what price I saw them for.



Look pretty gangsta as the kids say. Might have to see if I can find a local retailer.


There really is no need to buy Oakleys unless you need the lense quality.

I choose to ride with oakleyes because the lenses are impact rated. Meaning... if a car decides to pelt a rock at my face when passing me... its not going to shatter the lense.

There are numerous other reasons, but if you are just going for style, go with something else.


Yea, and Oakley are second to none when it comes to repair or replacement of damaged items.NOT!

I used to buy oakleys when I sold them at a ski shop I worked at. Went realy well until I broke a set and tried to get them replaced. Manufacturer rep said sure- we'll replace them, for the same cost as a new pair.

I'll never buy them again.


I have a pair by Native Eyewear, they're polarized, stylish and got 4 lenses in yellow, orange, clear, and tinted. None of them are mirrored though, the tint has a little bit of a mirror, but the others don't - for all you fashion freaks.

They're great for doing athletic stuff, I use them in sprint sessions, moutainbiking, and just looking stylish in my convertable during the summer.


I like the Q3 crystal green ones...need to get some! Thanks for the link I have been looking around for some sunglasses for a while I was thinking spyoptic but I think the Tifosi may be more my style. I have really long eyelashes though so I have to try em out first


I've got a pair of the Ruby (not red or fire) Iridium oakley A wire 2.0. I love the way they look, especialy with the black chrome frames. the only bad thing is they have the spring temples and don't fit as tightly as the non-spring type. They add to the "Cyclops" look I go for.

My friend swears by Optic Nerve. They are very inexpensive and good for active lifestyles.

I'm looking to get a pair of Dragon glasses at some point.



Native Eyewear is awesome and carry a life-time warranty if they break (nothing for losing them, though).

They run for about $100-150 a pair.




Funny you say this. I have had the opposite experience though. I have broke the arm on my "Minutes" about 4 times usually when I was mountain biking and Oakley offered and replaced my glasses every single time. Maybe your rep didnt like you (joke).



those guys SUCK. oakley would not replace my M frames which broke from stress cracks brought on by changing the lenses. i had them just under a year.

i was already in for a couple hundred more with all the lenses i owned. but they wouldn't give me the replacement frame...cheap fuckin bastards. those frames cost nothing. should've been glad to hook me up with a ten pack of replacement frames.

even though i was invested i just couldn't let myself BUY more frames when i knew they'd just break from lense changes.

oakley. joakley.


I've only found them at cycle shops


My lashes are long, too and they do hit the Tifosi lenses. They don't seem to leave streaks on the Tifosi lenses they way they do on my Maui Jim's.


Awesome sunglasses. Those might be my next pair. The envy ones are great.

Great thread. What are some other grat sunglass companies?